Lieutenant Rho
Chief of Intelligence
USS Triumphant

Ullians are a humanoid species. They have grey mottling at their temples which, along with pronounced hairless bulges, is indicative of their race. Alex, however, has had extensive cosmetic surgery to reshape his facial structure in order to cover up the bulges and hide the grey mottling…all permanent. He is professional while on duty and comfortable while off. He is muscled and well toned, but not a body-builder. His brown hair is slightly longer than normal on top and his facial hair shows evidence of premature graying.

Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh
Starfighter Squadron Commader
USS Black Hawk

Terry is pretty hardcore as far as the job goes. He’s a get the job done, crusty old Marine at heart. But when the job is done, he really knows how to relax, kick back, and enjoy a good laugh. He is very personable off duty and has a great sense of humor. Occasionally, he likes to flirt. Until the most recent mission to Yolvanda II, that is. After that mission, the virus, the recovery, and the break-up, he stopped flirting as much and as often. He was still his relaxed, humorous, fun-loving self, though. He also began taking evening walks around the ship, ending up who knew where. Terry loves to grill. He thinks all starships and starbases should come equipped with a charcoal grill.


Player of the Month (TF99)

Writing Proficiency Ribbon

Medal of Collaboration

Player of the Month (TF99)

Player of the Month (TF9)