Commodore William Hood
Commanding Officer
USS Dreadnought

William is a considerate but analytical sort. He doesn't rush into action without considering his options especially when it effects others. Friendly and supportive, tending towards an open door policy on his commands to allow his crew feel they can be heard. While he may not have aced his Academy days he had developed a sturdy and time proven skill set for command. He's an accomplished diplomat and a capable tactician should the need arise, a patient when required.

He does however know how to take a risk if absolutely called for one. He likes to see those around him succeed but he wont hold the hand and carry the weight to see them do it. Growth and development comes from within and hes a believer of it.

William if pushed can be somewhat harsh with his actions, he will defend the weak


Simm of the Month (BFA)

Sim of the Month (TF99)

Sim of the Month (TF72)

Admiral Emeritus

Command Academy Graduate