Vice Admiral S'iraa
USS Dreadnought

S’iraa has a commanding presence about him that is hard to miss at six and a half feet tall. Black tipped ears and tail his features are very typical of Caitian men with a broad shoulder span and strong muscle structure, which the uniform he wears hides. His uniform jacket it slightly cut to the rear for his tail as is his uniform trousers to allow his tail to poke through the back of them. His whiskers stick out from his nose to equal length left and right these are kept neatly trimmed, his claws are extremely sharp which to date having since left the Holeworld of Cait, has never shown anybody them, some believe he does not have any. S’iraa is a proud and confident Caitian, sure of his abilities and those around him. When not in uniform he can be seen in traditional Caitian attire.


Admiral Emeritus