Tom is a current member of the Bravo Fleet Command Council. Formerly, he served as (the refounding) Academy Commandant and later as Bravo Fleet Executive Officer during a tour of duty on the Bravo Fleet Admiralty of over four years. In that time, Tom also served brief terms as acting Task Force 38 Commanding Officer and acting Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer. He was previously CO of Outpost 93 and played aboard the USS Arizona as Chief Science Officer Aral Aix.


Admiral Anatole Lazarus
New Bajor

Anatole Lazarus is a Federation Starfleet Admiral who is currently serving as a member of the Fourth Fleet Command Council. He is most prominently known for his work as Academy Commandant and his and his heroism for surviving two years in a Jem'Hadar prisoner of war camp during the Dominion War.


Past Command At Sea

Command Ribbon (Class C)

Command Academy Graduate

Admiral Emeritus

Medal of Achievement

Community Recognition Ribbon