Camila Di Pasquale


Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Black Hawk

Camila has long, wavy blonde brown hair that she keeps braided while on duty and loose when she's off duty. She has warm brown eyes that have a piercing quality when she is in search of someone. She has an oval shaped face, a slim nose and full lips. She keeps herself in shape through long hours of hard work and training, but she is also soft and curvaceous at the same time.

Lieutenant Commander Holle Tias
Executive Officer
USS Firebrand

Holle has just been assigned to the USS Firebrand as the Executive Officer.

Lieutenant Commander Jake Robard
Vice Commandant
Starfleet Academy Bajor Campus

Robert has just assumed the position of Assistant Commandant of Starfleet Academy: Bajor Campus. He rose through the ranks in Tactical until he made Department head and opted for the Command Tract.

Lieutenant Magnus Arynson JR
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

MJ is a physically imposing man with a penetrating brown eyed gaze. He keeps his hair regulation length on duty and uses a follicle stimulator to grow it out once he's off duty. If anyone asks him, he'll tell them that a boarder would never suspect him of being Chief of Security if they came when he was off duty.

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Vice Admiral Michael Aravan

Vice Admiral Michael Aravan
Commanding Officer
USS Triumphant

Michael keeps himself in shape physically by spending many hard hours in the gym and holodeck, constantly training to keep himself at peak efficiency and ready for any hand-to-hand combat situation. In his off time, he tends to wear loose fitting clothing and has a ready smile on his face for fellow Star Fleet personnel.

Lieutenant David Moreau Jr

David served in the Dominion War as a part of the Rapid Response Teams and was at AR-558. In 2384, he was demoted from Lieutenant to Lieutenant JG after being charged with destruction of property after using unnecessary force during an altercation with belligerent civilians. He returned to Earth after that to continue his training and was eventually assigned to the USS Black Hawk after the former Chief of Security departed.


Player of the Month (TF72)

Sim of the Year

Player of the Month (TF99)

Writing Proficiency Ribbon

Medal of Collaboration

Command Academy Graduate

Dedication Citation – 1 Year

Player of the Month (TF99)

Sim of the Month (TF99)

Writing Proficiency Ribbon

Sim of the Month (TF99)

Player of the Month (TF9)