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Lieutenant Junior Grade Jake Sjet

He was a competent doctor who showed off to the wrong Captain in Starfleet Intelligence. Now he gets crated around exciting cargo bays as the bag carrying medic with no name. Or, at least that's how he prompts himself on SpaceBook.

In reality, he's just a good doctor with a unique set of skills in handling very dangerous, nasty things (Like Ebola, it's fun for the whole family) in rather odd circumstances. Such as whilst under fire.

Stick insect's look bulky. Don't blame Jake for that, it's a childhood and genes from the planet Mars that does the stretching. He's tried various diets, and apart from the ones that deal with bone density he still towers a little bit.

Captain Remas McDonald
Commanding Officer
USS Traveller

Before applying for this candidacy Remas was an officer of middling talent. This was more often than not outweighed his accomplishments with black marks on his record. But given the dangers of the Longjump Project, a Captain with the ability to think reckless thoughts becomes a merit, not a hindrance. As he is often want to say 'I have a wanders heart, and never do I know if it seeks to draw me to danger or opportunity'.

Commander Soto Nabaal
Commanding Officer
USS Nike

Soto was earmarked for the command of one of the United Earth Space Probe Agency explorer ships early on in the development cycle. Whilst he would not be the first to leave, he would have been the first to go in that particular direction up along the spiral arm. But then war broke out, and the UESPA was transformed into the United Earth Stellar Navy. From explorer to a defender in as long as it took the ink on his orders to dry.

Over two years of fighting has seen him survive ships being blown up from under him, to the successful downing of fourteen enemy combatants in a dozen star systems. With that many wins under his belt, he is either a lucky son of a bitch or an agent of death. Because the Fleet doesn't get a win on the cheap, and meat is more easy to replace than metal.

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Lieutenant Commander Manaan

He is currently cheerleader in chief of the 'Long Jump' Project, a plan to not only pierce the galactic barrier but to provide for an ongoing research mission out into the local globular clusters of the Milky Way Galaxy. This project has been a fight that has seen his career prospects plummet, as a CO with his eyes on a prize, not his mission tends to be a bad commanding officer. Left on the bench as it were, he's become an avid and savvy negotiator amid Starfleet's many planning offices and working groups, seeking out strange new allies, and going where no paper pusher has gone before. This dogged refusal to let the dream die has earned him a reputation. For good or bad, who knows?

Ensign Reggie Hawthorn

Tall, firmly built, if a poet was about they might ponder on the nature of the oak to withstand the howling of the wind. Reggie would say his head was made for knocking on bulkheads.

Easy going, a good listener and always one for a good tale. He seems the sort of man willing to help dig a hole and fill it in, just to spend the time of day. That attitude only lasts until you cross a line. Once that's been done you ain't worth spit. Loyal to his friends, and weighed down by the almost religious fanaticism that is the Montanan Honour Code: Loyalty To Kin, Guard To Your Enemies.


Player of the Month (TF72)

Writing Proficiency Ribbon