Civilian Brenk
USS Southern Cross

Notably attractive for a Ferengi. Brenk is tall and lean, standing at 5'2". His clothes are extravagant and well-kept. He has piercing emerald eyes and a slight, angular jawline.

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Lieutenant Raksha Chandra
USS Venture

Raksha is a loud and rather frantic woman from Calcutta, India. She has served in Starfleet since her graduation from the academy in 2381. In addition to being a proficient engineer, she is also a talented cellist and a great lover of music. She drinks Lapsang Souchong on a regular basis and has been known to leave endless numbers of empty mugs around her office.

Raksha began her career in the Alpha Quadrant aboard the U.S.S. Journey as an engineering officer, transporter chief, and later assistant chief engineering officer. She later transferred to the U.S.S. Venture as it's chief engineering officer.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Agron Drag'nah

Agron Drag’nah is, at first glance, a rather disarming individual. He has about his countenance a calm and peaceful disposition. His skin is dark and supple and his frame wide, though not at all exceptionally built, slender, or overweight.
His jawline is angular and broad, giving him a slightly stronger physical presence that is quite contrary to the man himself.
The typical ridges that run from the top of the forehead to an apex at the bridge of the nose, coupled with the small spines and singular indents upon his cheekbones mark him clearly as a Xindi and his hair is kept traditionally and accordingly.
Most notable of Agron’s features though is most certainly his voice. He speaks calmly and slowly but with a rich baritone and powerful projection. He has a wide vocabulary and is eloquent.


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