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Lieutenant Junior Grade Grim'lar

Grim'lar is arrogant, and will often rub off wrong on most people. However, those that have seen his work will generally overlook this. Like most zakdorn, he has a keen strategic mind, which has been honed at the zakdorn academies. His thinking is often several steps ahead of others, and he can keep a clear overview of a battle or fight, either when commanding one, or being in one. He has a knack for placing the right units at the right place, and has no issue identifying weaknesses in others.

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Ensign Korras

Mostly keeps to himself, but displays a dry sense of humor. Although his main skill is as a pilot, he keeps his combat skills sharp, most notably with twin mek'leth blades. He prefers function over form: he generally keeps his quarters rather Spartan, and both his bat’leth and mek’leth blades are modern alloys with little adornment, as opposed to the ancestral and almost ritualistic blades possessed by other Klingons.