I'm Adam and have been in BF on and off since 2007. I came into the fleet under Executive Order 07-A004, when my personal fleet, Starfleet Central Command, merged with BF bringing in 30+ characters and 6 vessels. IN recognition of my previous position, I was awarded the Admiral Emeritus award and placed as the Task Force 9 Chief of Staff. My main character is Marc Davis, Commodore and former CoS of TF9. The character returned to active service at the rank of Fleet Captain upon taking command of the USS Redguard.


Civilian Razak

Fleet Captain Marc Davis

Although looks have never been one of Davis's most important priorities, he has always felt that it was the duty of any marine and officer to look his best. Standing at only six foot one and weighing 210 lbs, Marc knew that his height and weight ratio where perfect for a marine and officer. Despite normal regulations regarding facial hair, Marc has always had somewhat of a beard to add to his facial accent. Besides that, Marc has no scars or tattoos of any sort, somewhat of an accomplishment for him because of his history.


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Sim of the Month (TF93)

Recruitment Award

Dedication Citation – 1 Year