Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer Dived Dumet
USS Nogura

Chief Petty Officer Dived Dumet is a Cardassian national who joined Starfleet after graduating technical school on Beta Aquilae II. In his decade of service to Starfleet he has served as a computer specialist, operations officer, repair team lead, and now currently serves as the Assistant Engineer of the U.S.S. Nogura. CPO Dumet currently holds certifications in Basic Warp Design, Communications, Computer Control Systems, Engineering, Transporter Theory, Elementary Temporal Mechanics, astrophysics, and advanced warp theory.

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Subcommander Dutir
Romulan Ambassador
Roosevelt Station

Dutir is a veteran Romulan officer with 5 years of diplomatic service who has just received his first command, the IRW Aehv. The Aehv's mission is to further diplomatic relations with the Alpha Quadrant.


Dedication Citation – 1 Year

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