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Captain Colby Drayton
Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer
USS Nogura

As master and commander of the Sovereign-class USS Nogura, Captain Colby Drayton (or Cole to his friends) commands one of Starfleet’s proudest vessels. As a talented leader and diplomat, Colby manages to bring the very best out of ship and crew in a wide variety of situations. Adored and respected by those under his command, Drayton has a reputation for being firm but fair and will stop at nothing to achieve his objectives and help his crew carry out Starfleet’s mandate to ‘explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no one has gone before.’ A master at hiding his true feelings about himself, Cole harbours a lot of guilt, regret and a strong yearning for peace – by-products of recent traumas and losses, and issues that he shares with no-one.

Eniara Pol
First Minister
Assembly Hall of Ashalla

Considered to be an up and coming, progressive politician at the time of being elected to office on New Bajor, Eniara Pol oversaw the survival of the Gamma Quadrant colony during the Consortium conflict and successfully fought a new election to retain her seat as Governor in 2388. Since then, Eniara (who does not follow traditional Bajoran naming conventions) has helped re-establish the colony alongside those in Task Force 9 of the 4th Fleet. Most recently, however, Eniara was recalled to Bajor at the behest of the Kai and was urged to stand for office in the snap election called by First Minister Asarem Wadeen following the controversy surrounding the Breloc Tejar war crimes trial. Never one to reject the calling of the Prophets, or her Kai, Eniara reluctantly agreed to stand for office.

Commodore Nilani Azulas
Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer
Dark Frontiers

Whilst she looks attractive, even cute and innocent, Azulas has a strong will and a feisty attitude that can be attributed to former host, Kalani. Lani is a confident young woman with an aptitude for Advanced Subspace Geometry and Warp Theory, although the Jennica host has provided her with an understanding of Quantum Chemistry following her time as a scientist in Starfleet. Lani is a talented Engineer having spent most of her career at the Advanced Starship Design Bureau and Titan Shipyards. Cool, calm and collected, Nilani is very methodical in her work and prefers time to think things through before acting.If she thinks an opinion or suggestion is wrong, she is not afraid to say so. Behind her strong exterior she is the kindest, most caring person and fiercely loyal to her friends.

Lieutenant Nisea
Chief of Security

A woman of the Syllian race, Nisea has a large cranium made up of strong bone and cartilage with crap like extremities covering the back of her head. She is able to flex these at will and often does so in a demonstration of emotion. She has an absence of hair on her body and does not sweat, her body acclimatised to warmer temperatures such as on her homeworld. She wears a pink or red lipstick to accentuate her lips or it looks like she doesn’t have any. Her piercing black eyes have been known to add to her intimidating presence despite her limited stature.

Commander Sebastian Farrell
Executive Officer
USS Boadicea

With a keen intellect and an eye for the unexpected, Sebastian has quickly forged a reputation as an effective combat leader in Starfleet's forces, earning himself a promotion to executive officer of the USS Achilles prior to reassignment to the Boadicea. A strong willed man with a natural air of authority about him, Seb is a natural born leader and hates unprofessionalism when at work. As executive officer, he expects nothing but the very best from his crew and will take anyone to task if he feels they are not pulling their weight. Perhaps his most admirable trait is his unwavering loyalty to his commanding officer and his crew.

Captain Sebastian Farrell

With a keen intellect and an eye for the unexpected, Sebastian has quickly forged a reputation as an effective combat leader in Starfleet's forces, earning himself a promotion to command one of the fleets newest battlecruisers. Having an impressive command resume that includes being in command of the S.S. Pioneer, his most recent command experience came aboard the NX-07 during her construction at the end of the Xindi crisis and up until he assumed command of the Achilles. Seb is an enlightened and engaging Terran male. He is easy to get on with and loves to make friends. He is a ladies' man and is known to flirt outrageously with women he is attracted to. He loves to socialise and is a light drinker, however he is not afraid to go on all nighters in a bid to win over a potential mate.

Lieutenant Commander T'Prynn
Executive Officer
USS Magellan

T’Prynn is a tall, slender and beautiful Vulcan female and has been described by many as having a beautiful, classy and elegant look to the way she presents herself. The stoic Vulcan has a quiet, sultry voice to accompany her feminine charm. She ‘enjoys’ keeping her hair well-groomed and changing its style when she feels the desire to do so but usually prefers to keep it in a long pony tail when on duty. Athletically well built, T’Prynn is physically fit and relatively strong and follows a strict fitness regime. On and off duty, T’Prynn is always careful to present herself in a feminine way and in pristine condition, with never a hair out of place. Her skin has quite a ‘Romulanesque’ tone to it and as such, her make up takes a more gothic style to suit (dark lips and black eyeliner).

Commander Kayla Desai-Scott
USS Ulysses

Kayla is the epitome of the phrase “appearances can be deceptive”. Her slender frame and emotional eyes may make her look petite/fragile but she is far from that. Strong willed with a feisty temper, this woman takes after her father and is full of emotion and is deceptively strong. Fiercely loyal to family, friends and colleagues alike, Kayla is the kind of woman anyone would want on side in an argument or even in the middle of a brawl. Despite all she has been through, the last surviving member of the Desai/Scott clans does have a funny side and loves to socialise when off duty.


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