Civilian Crumm Widdy
Civilian/Owner of the 'Skyline Lounge'
Starbase 400

Crumm Widdy is a young and virile Bolian of average height and weight. He will likely be found wearing the best and most current of Bolian fashion. As he is allergic to Retinax V, he is required to wear corrective lenses. Of the varying shades of blue Bolians exhibit, Crumm's is of the brighter and more vibrant variety. While this does not mean much amongst Bolians, some outsiders view this as a sign of stature within the Bolian community. A jovial man, Crumm is almost always smiling and is a joy to be around.

Captain Jack Ransolm

Jack Ransolm is a cool and calculated man. He is shrewd and pragmatic while maintaining a professional fa├žade. He is loyal to, and protective of, his peers and crew. Many over the course of his career have accused him of playing it safe and not being one to take unnecessary risk. As a result, he has been passed over for command a number of times. Though he has not seen much in the way of combat beyond minor skirmishes and bar fights, Jack has aptly demonstrated his abilities as a rugged explorer. He is a natural leader and has often found himself in charge on away missions and at the conn when his Commanding Officers were otherwise indisposed. He is a practiced diplomat and is as dangerous with his words as he is a phaser. Now, Jack has been given command of the USS Horizon.

Commander Maxwell Pierce

Maxwell Pierce is the commanding officer of the USS Nomad. Recently reinstated into Starfleet after having served a partial sentence at the Raxnar Penal Colony, Max has accepted the command of a dangerous mission with a low probability of success. Leading a crew of misfits and outcasts, Maxwell Pierce struggles to find unity and cohesiveness amongst his crew while managing the many threats he and his ship faces throughout their tour of duty.


Sim of the Month (TF72)

Command Academy Graduate

Sim of the Month (TF72)