Nathaniel Capp


Lieutenant Junior Grade Chloe Young
Chief Flight Control Officer
Starbase 400

Starfleet Academy 2358-2362
Studied Command Principals and Administration of Justice
2361-2362 USS Archon, Cadet (Senior Assignment)
2262 USS Freeman, Security Officer
2362-2363 Missing In Action
2363-2264 USS Sutherland, Chief Security Officer
2364-2366 USS Sutherland, Chief Security Officer
2366-2376 USS Lighthouse, Chief Flight Control Officer
2376-2392 USS Exeter Chief Flight Control officer Lieutenant(JG)
2392 -Present Starbase 400 Chief Flight Control Lieutenant (JG)

Lieutenant Commander Daniel Ryci

Danny is a young man of thirty and doesn't look his age due to his youthful baby face. Having a baby face is a big disappointment to him because people tend to view and treat him like a child instead of an equal. He has blonde hair and the deepest hazel green eyes that stand out in any room; he has a small scar under his left eye due to an away-team simulation during his second year at the academy. He tends to look upon the scar as a means of distinction among his peers. His ears are another one his trade marks because they tend to stick out a tad bit. This of which earned him the name E.T. during his early childhood, and he was happy when it was over. Danny is 70 inches and has an athletic build. He enjoys physical fitness and love to keep in shape.

Lieutenant Commander Lee Carter West

Lee Carter was born in Cochrane City on Alpha Centauri. She comes from a family with a very long history in Starfleet. The earliest Starfleet Carters served aboard the first Daedalus Class Starships. They fought in the Human-Romulan War and participated in countless first contacts.

Lee herself joined Starfleet in 2366, a year before the Wolf 359 Disaster. She served with distinction in various fighter wings, and very quickly earned her "Ace" pilot status. During the Dominion War, she shot down several Jem'Hadar fighters and even managed to destroy a heavy Breen cruiser during the last days of that conflict. When Banshee Squadron's Wing Commander Jasmine Phoenix was killed during a daring raid deep into Dominion-held space, Lee took the reigns, and has been Wing Commander ever since.