Christopher Blake


Lieutenant Commander Leland Rogers
Commander, Air Group
USS Scorpio

Ensign Logan Hunter
Fighter Pilot
USS Triumphant

Logan James Hunter is a recently assigned Valkyrie Aviator, fresh from Flight School and Starfleet Academy.

Lieutenant William Blake
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Cavalry

Lieutenant William Blake currently serves as the Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Cavalry. He began his career in Security serving aboard the USS Venture prior to attending Advanced Tactical Training and serving with the Rapid Response Teams. He ended his tenure with the Rapid Response Teams after the death of his wife. His father-in-law offered him a position at Starfleet Command in the Office of Starfleet Intelligence where he has spent the last five and half years. He has just arrived at his new assignment aboard the USS Cavalry.

Lieutenant Xander Carter
USS Infinity


Player of the Month (TF9)

Player of the Month (TF93)

Player of the Month (TF9)

Dedication Citation – 6 Months