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Lieutenant Commander Alexander Knight
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Roosevelt Station

Alexander 'Xander' Knight is a 20 year veteran of Starfleet and father of two teenagers. He served aboard the Federation flagship, fought on the front lines of the bloodiest war in Federations history, worked hard to gain his commission. He was a devoted husband and has been a loving father, especially since the death of his wife in 2383. A new chapter is opening up in his life now that his children are in high school and he has been reassigned once again of the Federation's Frontier, perhaps even a new beginning.

Lieutenant Commander Drew Knight
Executive Officer
USS Trafalgar

Drew Knight was recently assigned to the USS Trafalgar as First Officer. He is a recent graduate of Starfleet's Command College and is eager to assume his new duties as the ship transits from Earth to the Gamma Quadrant to join Task Force Nine in the mission of exploring the vast new frontier that is the Gamma Quadrant.

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Ensign Eretria
Security Officer [PNPC]
Roosevelt Station

Ensign Eretria of Elas is a recent graduate from Starfleet Academy who greatest ambition is to serve with honor and distinction in Starfleet. She hopes to avoid being pulled in to the political intrigues of her family back on her homeworld.

Lieutenant Commander Leland Rogers
Commander, Air Group
USS Scorpio

Ensign Logan Hunter
Fighter Pilot
USS Triumphant

Logan James Hunter is a recently assigned Valkyrie Aviator, fresh from Flight School and Starfleet Academy.

Civilian Lucas Knight
Civilian [PNPC]
Roosevelt Station

Lucas Knight is the second child of Alexander 'Xander' and Holly Knight (mother deceased). He is a devoted son and brother who aspires to be a writer someday. He is an avid reader and has an eidetic memory.

Civilian Miranda Knight
Civilian [PNPC]
Roosevelt Station

Miranda Knight is the eldest child of Alexander 'Xander' and Holly Knight (mother deceased). She is a devoted daughter and sister who aspires to be an inventor someday. She is preparing to start her sophomore year in high school and is taking an internship with the Roosevelt Station Operations Department in to help her gain experience prior to her taking the Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam.


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