The Captain

Thanks for reading my profile. My name is Leam Mark and I live currently in Sydney, Australia. I work for the state government as an intercity train guard with NSW TrainLink, so being a shift worker; my hours are very random, as are my days off. I am also a qualified primary school teacher, and have taught for about 2 years before I moved to work for the railways. I have always lived in Sydney expect for approximately 18 months when I was younger and a little bit of time in 2015 when I lived in the United Kingdom.

I am also very much a "train buff" and a political "hack" as they put it. While I was at university, I was Chief of Staff and senior political advisor to the president at my university. During that same period; I was also chair of the campus council (my university has six campuses), and I also did some freelance writing for the student newspaper, on political events both university-wide as well as state and federally, so that students have an idea of what is actually going on in their world from the political side of things. It kept me busy but I love doing what I do. I am the eldest and I have my little sister, dad and two beautiful nieces. That's just the immediate family, there is countless aunts, uncles and cousins.

As for fleet simming, I have been simming since October 2007 and have been part of Bravo Fleet since January 2010, but I have now made Bravo Fleet my full home after spending some time between two different fleets. This is my home and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. Here in Bravo Fleet, I have served on the Infobase team, I have also been a Task Group Commanding Officer, Task Force Executive Officer and have served as Task Force Commanding Officer in both Task Force 72 and Task Force 93 with distinction both times. At the moment, I am rather focussed on just my own simulation and my writing, rather than anything else.