Lieutenant Junior Grade Abi Solomon
USS Kumari

Brought up by strict parents, Abigail became a rebel against being the 'perfect little girl' that they wanted her to be.
Went to Starfleet for Engineering and Engine Design.
Currently expecting a child with boyfriend Lieutenant Elias Gerrit.

Lieutenant Alyse Batari
Chief Science Officer/2XO
USS Astraea

Lieutenant Cat Tendai
Chief Engineer
Faltan Station

Catrina is generally a friendly person when it comes to actually being just friends. When someone starts to show other interests in her, she tends to get afraid and either will push the person away or completely ignore them, no matter how good of friends they were before.

Lieutenant Marna Rhosyn
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer (NPC)
USS Astraea

Codename: Black Lion

Marna is currently the assistant chief intelligence officer of the USS Astraea.

Ensign Neza Glenn
Science Officer
USS Legacy

Ensign Sabine Rona
Humanoid Intelligence (HUMINT)
Crystal Fruits

Cover Name: Elise Shena
Code Name: SteelSpider or Spider

Not much is known about Sabine. She keeps to herself, slinking around in the shadows. She excelled in

Starfleet Intelligence and all of her instructors spoke highly of her. But because she barely spoke, she wasn’t assigned anywhere right away where a capable intelligence officer was needed.

She knows her way with weapons and computers, and always has little tools and toys with her hidden in who-knows-what places.

The only thing that seems to bring out her voice is flirting, and lots of it. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and will even occasionally find herself perhaps in someone’s bedroom just to get the job done

Lieutenant Commander Zayna Ryler
Chief Science Officer
USS Kumari

Born to two uptight Starfleet officers, Zay was looked down upon as her older brother was fawned over. A family friend took her under his wing. She is a Starfleet Science officer having earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander. She ended a long term engagement the same day she heard about her posting on the Kumari...though has the marks to show it.