Lieutenant Gralek Shoma

A soldier's soldier when on the field of battle. He has a cold and calculating mind set with a main goal in battle is to complete the mission objective at all costs. Even when this means that his own team may be put in harm's way. He has absolutely no problems with using interrogation techniques on prisoners for information if it means helping Starfleet and his Captain. Gralek has been known to say, “What works, works.” However it should be said that he does take a certain level of enjoyment or pleasure when he has to get his hands dirty.

As a realist he has a very blunt way with dealing with people outside of battle and has a slight insidious streak when it comes to messing with others.

Sergeant Gral Rollok
SS Indigo Rose

On the one hand, Gral is generally calm and collected, with a strongly intellectual side, and an interest in medicine. He is loyal to his team and willing to put himself in harm's way to help others. On the other hand, he can be over-confident, his reach somewhat exceeding his grasp, and has a tendency to talk too much when he's nervous or under stress. He is far from shy and some would say that he is too outgoing. He tends to talk more than he should, believes in working hard; he is meticulous, a trait that is reflected in his work.

Gral has been known to have a very rough bedside manner, being direct and holding nothing back to the point where he seems even rude and pompous. Gral will not hold back and will tell you if your dying and how you are dying and show almost no remorse when h

Lieutenant Junior Grade Konebak Zek
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Columbus

Konebak has two large compound eyes that are black in color when in a low light but reflect a red and blue color when a bright light like sunlight hit them. He has two antenna on his head used for balance and area awareness. Konebak also had two mandibles for a mouth that are razor sharp and can be used as weapons to bite and tear through flesh when needed.
He walks upright on two thin legs and has two thin arms. Most of the body is covered by a semi rigid carapace. He doesn’t have any skin but rather a semi-hard protective shell over his entire body. This makes him very durable he is still vulnerable to phrasers and disrupters but it takes an extremely sharp blade to pass through his outer shell like coating.


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