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Lieutenant Amelix Milumad
Chief Science Officer
USS Medea

Amelix is a dedicated scientist. She is constantly curious about the universe and finding clues to the missing clan. She also is quite excitable and talks at a mile per minute.However, because she has so many diverse interests, she has a tendency to overlook finer details or leave projects undone. It also causes her to document her successes, sometimes making her incapable of repeating her results.
Tygarians are generally affable. They try to assist others, hoping that their assistance may eventually lead them to clues to finding their lost clan. Since they believe they can only be bound by the Reetmah, they are willing to make alliances with anyone but are not willing to “subjugate themselves” by joining an entity such as The Federation.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Antoinette Bouchard
UES Ticonderoga

Once an extrovert that enjoyed people and sharing the world, Antoinette has become shy, introverted, and an extremely dedicated worker for the UES. She rarely speaks about herself or her family but will participate in conversations regarding other people. She is fluent in several languages and picks them up easily. In her repertoire are French, Spanish, English, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Andorian, Vulcan, Klingon, and Romulan.

Lieutenant Commander Ba'zra Jennings
Executive Officer
USS Crazy Horse

Ba'zra desires to be a more pure Klingon and to restore honor to her name. Since she prefers being thought of as a Klingon and not human, she prefers not
to be referred by her human last name but solely by her Klingon name, Ba'zra. She is a loyal friend and a fierce enemy. However, since her family House
stressed knowledge, she originally believed that her honor restoration would occur through science not battle. However, when she after striking Ensign Gerald Sparks, the scientific community rejected her and she transferred to Security. Ba'zra has not been to Qo'onS since her mother fled. Should she ever return, she would find that she does not fit perfectly in the human world nor Klingon world. Ba'zra is fiercely independent and does not make friends terribly easily.

Commander Cynthia Jackson
USS Legacy

Cindy is a rather genuine person and is able to engender trust very easily. She is extremely loyal to her friends and is a good listener. She is a hard worker, persistent and not given to quitting. Cindy generally lacks any sense of caution when she's intrigued, curious or otherwise interested in something. She is the true story of "Curiosity killed the cat." She will do just about anything once. Cindy is extremely friendly and flirty; however, she does this without trying and is generally clueless that she may be enticing someone when she is just being her playful self. Cindy also tends to be extremely casual, even in situations where she should be more professional. For example, she prefers not to be called by rank, but rather by her nickname, Cindy.

Lieutenant Jolani Kohnar
USS Traveller

Jolani shows little emotion except when she is piloting or strategizing. These things keep her going in life. While StarFleet counselors reluctantly pronounced her fit for duty, she does not show desire or the same range of emotions that she did prior to her husband's death four years prior. She maintains a flat but professional and business like tone for all other interactions. She participates in activities as expected but rarely goes out of her way to interact with crewmates anymore. Because her biological and emotional connection to her husband was severed on his death, Jolani does not fear for her own safety and she will regularly engage in risky behaviors.

Captain Kelly Jean O'Connor
USS America

Kelly constantly wants to prove herself to the world. She is super competitive and will constantly strive to outperform herself. She is challenged by her small size and it frustrates her when she's unable to reach or do something on her own. She also has a rather harsh temper. She has a fondness for the newest and latest technology and seeks it and uses it despite (perhaps) the older being more reliable. She will fiercely defend the virtues of the new object/technology.

Lieutenant Liam McCarthy
Executive Officer
USS Astraea

Liam is all business. His job and his sports mean everything to him. He frequently is found working out to vent his frustrations or to stay in shape. He has never had to seek out women, as they have always found him. While he expresses a desire to find the right woman, he never seems to manage to do it or "tests" his partner to the point that they leave.

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Lieutenant Commander M'Mira
Executive Officer
Faltan Station

M’Mira is a prima donna. She likes to be well dressed and have the finer things in life. Nothing will win her loyalty more than being spoiled and fawned over. However, her tastes can be fickle. She is fond of lengthy naps and newer flashy technology. However, she is fiercely loyal. She sees StarFleet as her greater clan and will not harm it at any cost. She also is exceptionally curious and often ignores warning signs of danger, choosing to explore instead. M’Mira also is materialistic and will often have a number of items that interested her at one point or another. Many are wasted because she becomes bored with them.

Rear Admiral Stanley Morgan
USS Legacy

Stanley has made a living at slowly climbing up the ranks. He is steady and grandfathery in personality. He seems to have a story for just about everything. His advice tends to be wise but it is a long time in the coming, usually with a beginning, "That reminds me of the time...."

Commander T'Prir Abbott
Director of Strategic Plans (N5)
Providence Fleet Yards

T'Prir has rejected Surak's teachings, which she had learned from birth. She rejected them after her father died shortly before her first pon farr at age 17 and has accepted, v'tosh ka'tur, as her philosophy from then on. Despite that, she has decided that there was no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater and is prone to falling back on her logical teachings when people or situations do not make sense. She also will traditionally raise the right eyebrow when something is illogical or is interesting. Her speech tends to lack inflections because of her upbringing but when highly emotional, she will use inflections and they may be emphasized in incorrect areas. Because she is a blend of human and Vulcan DNA, her physiology also is mixed.


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