Civilian James Nickles
Chief of Staff
Palais de la Concorde

Major General Paul Potter
Commanding Officer
Kartelan Station

Paul Potter currently holds the rank of Major General while holding the billets of Task Force Commanding Officer, Task Force Thirty-Eight.

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Lieutenant Commander Samuel Moss
Operations Instructor
Starfleet Academy Bajor Campus

Captain Shawn West

Lieutenant Colonel Will Braxton
Marine Commanding Officer
38th Marine Expeditionary Unit
Kartelan Station

Lieutenant Colonel Braxton is currently the highest ranked operational marine in the Delta Quadrant and the Commanding Officer of the 38th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

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Commodore Gabriel West

Commodore Gabriel West is currently the Commanding Officer of the Starbase Redemption and it attached ship, the USS Hale and also serving in the role of the Chief Warden Officer of the Federation Penal Division. He is a Human and has served in Starfleet since 2368.

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Justin Braxton

Commodore Randi Moss

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Brigadier General Shawn Moss


Medal of Collaboration

Sim of the Month (TF72)

Command Ribbon (Class C)

Command Academy Graduate

Commodore Emeritus

Brigadier General Emeritus

Player of the Month (TF72)

Medal of Collaboration

Active Command At Sea

Dedication Citation – 15 Years

Dedication Citation – 10 Years