Lieutenant Junior Grade Devin

Devin is a very playful and curious person. She enjoys a variety of music due to in part of her knowledge of languages and costumes of numerous species. She enjoys a wide variety of sports and games as well. Her playful streak comes out most when she is not working ass well as now and again in her reports written in several languages with attached dictionary for easy translation if the information isn't readily available from the universal translator. (She will always add a full translation of the report at the end of such things and CO's familiar with her tactics just scroll down to the last five paragraphs).

Petty Officer 1st Class Halona Grayson
USS Hawaii

A young woman of human and Trill parentage, she has the lesser known forehead ridge though it is less pronounced than that of her father (who has a strong resemblance to Odan) She has no tattoos but does have some scars from misadventures.

Lieutenant Iria Taltos
USS Hawaii

At under five feet tall her auburn hair is usually the first thing folks notice about her. Though she has been known to dye it because she can. Her eyes are two different colors, her right is light copper-brown and her left is an emerald green in hue. She has a few scars from misadventures and sports that did not go in her favor. The most are small and are of little bother to her. She has no visible tattoos but a few small tattoos that are easily covered by her uniform or other clothes.

Crewman Apprentice Quinn
USS Hawaii

Quinn McCoy is a very happy person often getting on folks nerves by being so sweet it hurts their sweet tooth. She loves her job and making people feel better!


Player of the Month (TF93)