I am a 46-year-old, legally blind author and long-time RPGer. I've been gaming (beginning in 1989 with tabletop games like Middle Earth Roleplaying and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition) for around 28 years -- God, has it been THAT long!? -- in both tabletop and online games. I've been in fleets, independent games, and freeform RPs. I've even had my own games.


Lieutenant Douglas Mallory
Chief of Security
USS Triumphant

Much older than he appears, Douglas (original given name of Arrda) spent many years in service to his own people before deciding to serve Starfleet. His late wife was half Human, which gave him ties to Earth and, thereby, the Federation.

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Cadet Freshman Grade Tery
Engineering Cadet
Starfleet Academy Bajor Campus

Born on Bajor, her father moved them to Betazed when she was very young after her mother died. She really has no family left on Bajor, but her father's family on Betazed took her in wholeheartedly. She has always had an affinity for design and engineering, and she has decided to pursue this career in Starfleet.