Captain Remy Zahn
Commanding Officer, Tango Team
SS Indigo Rose

Remy currently leads Tango Team, a Marine Rangers Special Operations Team. On assignment in the Inconnu Expanse, the team accidentally tripped a well-disguised trap causing an explosion which brought the building down. As the structure was composed of material that made scans nearly impossible, the ship providing overwatch for the team could neither raise the team nor get a clean read on their position. Under heavy fire from Pact forces, the ship was forced to retreat leaving the team stranded in hostile space.

Captain Ronan Channe
Commanding Officer
USS Crazy Horse

Captain Channe commands the USS Crazy Horse. He graduated Starfleet Academy in 2378 with honors and had a dual major (Security/Tactical and Command). He served aboard the USS Wanderwell for eleven years, working his way up from Security Officer to First Officer; when the USS Wanderwell fell to a saboteur, he was given command of the USS Crazy Horse..

Captain Serenity Nash

Captain Nash has been given command of the USS Standing Bear, an Insignia Class vessel, assigned to support Athegan Station. The station, built as part of a joint effort by six worlds that have been enemies for centuries, is a first move toward lasting peace in the Athegan Rift. The Standing Bear's job will be to patrol the rift and ensure that the fragile peace, started on the station, flourishes.

Captain Lucien St. Cyr

Lieutenant Zoe Cayce


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