A crusty, rusty old RPer from back in the day.


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Lieutenant Junior Grade Charlie McCullen
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Scorpio

Christopher McCullen was born into Starfleet. His parents serve, his grandparents served, his great grandparents were among the first to serve. There was little doubt that both he and his two siblings would sign up. By the age of twelve, he was annoying his captain by taking turns, supervised of course, at helm. By the age of fifteen, he was a cadet-ensign serving part time on alpha shift.

Ensign McCullen graduated from Starfleet academy after only two years, having completed much of the coursework and testing aboard ship. At age 18, he was assigned to the USS Xavier, a Miranda class cruiser. He served there for a few years before moving to the USS Grumman, where he served with distinction. Now, he has been promoted to Junior Lieutenant and assigned as the CFO of the USS Scorpio.

Captain Jim McCullen
Commanding Officer
USS Sentinel

Jim McCullen is a career Starfleet officer. He entered Starfleet Academy straight out of high school and has served ever since. He met, wooed and married his wife, had six children and three dogs, all while serving in Starfleet. After seeing the last of his children out of the nest, Jim decided it was time to step up from being executive officer, a position he'd held for nearly six years, to command of his own vessel.

With a background in tactical and strategic operations, Jim has been on the front-lines of Starfleet's recent conflicts for most of his career and has earned a reputation as a steadfast, reliable man to have around. Steady in a fight, cool in a pinch and on top of his crew.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dy Highwater

Dy Highwater is currently on an extended leave of absence to deal with the death of his older brother, his brother's wife and their two children, who, along with the crew of the cargo vessel they were piloting, perished in an attack some six months ago.

Dy was born on a cargo ship. He grew up in space, running from one system to another hauling whatever needed to be hauled. By the age of four, he was "helping" the engineers. By twelve, he was the defacto chief engineer of his family's cargo ship. When his parents retired, he joined Starfleet. Dy has served in Starfleet for 32 years, 28 of which were as an enlisted engineer. Only four years ago, he attended officer candidate school and gained his commission as an ensign.


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