I've been Star Trek role playing, first livechat and then email, for almost 20 years.


Lieutenant Junior Grade Akoni Kapulé

As some might consider unusual for a Risian, Akoni is somewhat reserved. This isn’t because he doesn’t like to have fun, or that he doesn’t like people, it comes from having a strong and natural inclination of reflection. Because of this, he can sometimes struggle with the balance of ‘living in the moment’ verses considering the moment. However, when focused he is very much ‘in the moment’. His entire attention, for example, can be on the person he is talking to, and he actually cares, which makes him a great listener, a thoughtful friend.

Lieutenant Cole Dering
Chief Medical Officer / 2XO
USS Legacy

Lieutenant Mika Rai'z
Chief Science Officer
Faltan Station

Mika is passionate and dedicated, having a highly developed sense of right and wrong. He is outspoken when it comes to his work, yet is very private when it comes to some aspects of his personal life and his past. He has a great concern and empathy towards others, and sometimes becomes overwhelmed by the depth of the suffering of others, internalizing much of it. He's a good listener, genuinely cares, and wants the best for other people. He has a great sense of humor, falling easily into it.