Lieutenant General Jewel Dartt
Chief Diplomatic Officer/USS Sutherland CO
Starbase 400

She is an average person, she has the Klingon head ridges, and has the heart and attitude of a Klingon, despite she is not a full Klingon. She has a scar across her right shoulder from a fight she had with a Cardassian. She is also muscular as she works out regularly to keep in shape.

In 2389 Jewel ended up losing her lower right leg due to bone cancer that was hereditary from her mother. She now has a prosthetic leg and has learned to use it quite well. It doesn't look like she doesn't have her real leg.

Brigadier General Leah Katana
Commanding Officer
Roosevelt Station

She is slender, and good looking, she is also looks like her identical twin sister Mya Leah"Shadow". She has the Bajoran nose ridges and Vulcan ears. She is a touch person when she has to be. But she tries to be laid back, but when on duty she is a regular marine. She is a kind person and likes meeting new people and is very sociable.

Strengths: She is a hard worker who tends to follow things by the book.

Weakness: That she works to hard

Her ambitions are to work up in rank and be the best she can be, she always striving to be a better person and a better marine. Some of her hobbies are Holonovals, Martial Arts, Hand-to-hand combat, weight lifting.

Lieutenant General Jhamal P'Trell

Jhamal is your typical Andorian, she keeps fit and regularly works out. She has several scars on her body due to battles she participated in over the years of service. Jhamal P'Trell tends to keep in shape by working out, she is a tough marine that won't back down from a fight. She is stern and will keep order amongst her crew. But, deep down inside that few get to see she has a soft side of her. She can be easy to get along with if you get that far to be considered her friend. She works hard for what she believes in.


Dedication Citation – 15 Years

Task Force Participation Medal

Lieutenant General Emeritus Award

Sim of the Month (TF72)

Community Recognition Ribbon

Command Ribbon (Class C)

Active Command At Sea

Dedication Citation – 10 Years

Command Academy Graduate

Sim of the Month (TF93)

Community Recognition Ribbon

Dedication Citation – 5 Years