SciWorld ’18

On July 28th, the 2018 edition of SciWorld will finally be held! Hosted by Bravo Fleet, Star Army and Ongoing Worlds it is our goal to connect you with a wide array of fellow roleplayers through free discussions, themed sessions and out of character possibilities

The event will be held on Discord, the server can be accessed via:

We are currently in the process of making the final arrangements to the schedule and as soon as it is completed the chart below will be updated. Please check this page regularly uptil the start of the event as last minute schedule changes may occur.

Beyond the scheduled events there is space to discuss development of characters, world and anything rp-related you can imagine as well as areas to discuss gaming, an area for voice chat, a channel to place ads for your group(s) and a place to discuss matters unrelated to SciWorld and RP entirely

We hope you will have a great time.


Time #General
GMT EDT PDT Topic / Event Host
6:30pm 2:30pm 11:30am Opening Ceremonies Bravo Fleet
7:00pm 3:00pm 12:00pm Open Chat – Feel free to chat with each other about anything!
4:00am 12:00am 9:00pm Closing Ceremonies Bravo Fleet
Time #Event-Room
GMT EDT PDT Topic / Event Host
7:00pm 3:00pm 12:00pm Utilizing NPCs Ametheliana of Star Army
8:00pm 4:00pm 1:00pm Morality and Ethics in Character Alexander of Bravo Fleet
9:00pm 5:00pm 2:00pm World Building in New and Existing Settings Glein of Bravo Fleet
10:00pm 6:00pm 3:00pm Going Dark and the Limits of Covert RP Alexander of Bravo Fleet
11:00pm 7:00pm 4:00pm Developing a Conflict Alexander of Bravo Fleet
12:00am 8:00pm 5:00pm Creating Realistic Service Records beeman of Bravo Fleet
1:00am 9:00pm 6:00pm Star Trek Trivia Kalo of Bravo Fleet
2:00am 10:00pm 7:00pm Creating Realistic Missions in a Military Context beeman of Bravo Fleet
3:00am 11:00pm 8:00pm Star Trek: The Next Generation Trivia Charles Star of UCIP
Time #Live-RP
GMT EDT PDT Topic / Event Host
8:00pm 4:00pm 1:00pm Live Role Play Event