OOC Awards

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Tier 2 Awards

Any player can nominate their fellow players, commanding officers, and even members of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty for these awards. All nominations will be reviewed by the Hall of Honour Committee and will be subsequently approved or rejected.

Tier 4 Awards

Only members of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty may nominate players and/or simulations for these awards.

Tier 5 Awards

Dedication Citations

Any player may nominate another player or themselves for the Dedication Citation. Awarded to players for verifiable and specific periods of time in which they have been a member of the Fleet. It will be the responsibility of the player to inform the HoH when they are due for an “upgrade”.

Emeritus Awards

Emeritus Awards are awarded by the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff to players who have achieved said rank and, at time of departing their BFA and/or Staff Position, and do so in good standing.