Semper Fi!

SFM Revenant

With great pleasure, I may announce the 16th Sim of Task Force 93! Even so, it has been a while since we have seen a pure Marine Sim in Bravo Fleet, but Major Victor Muime played by Reius commands as of today SFM Revenant. A planetary base at Bellatrix IV in the Bellatrix system, yes that very system that got ravaged by the surprise attack of the Gorn and secretly also the Klingons. He will be focusing on rebuilding the bombed Bellatrix, half destroyed Xavier Fleet Yards and get the borders back to strength.

Semper Fi Major, hold those borders!

The sunny and wonderful Hawaii

USS HawaiiI’d like to welcome Lieutenant Commander Akio Tachibana or also known as Beeman on Discord towards Task Force 93 as the Commanding Officer of the USS Hawaii, a wonderful Sovereign class vessel that has been put back into action towards the Gorn borders. USS Ajax and USS Sirona are getting some support! Again welcome towards Task Force 93 

Small update; Forseti has come

Good day,

With the arrival of the USS Ascension, we hit the mark of 14 vessels and as Task Force Commanding Officer I notice that the Task Force page becomes …scroll’ish. To simplify this, I have divided and shuffle the Task Groups to add a new one. This makes it easier for our players and new players to look in our Task Force and find their suitable home. The Task Group is called Forseti, named after the Norse god of justice and reconciliation. He oversaw courts and mediation.

For an extra note towards my Captains; the change in Task Groups will not impact your sim at any level. In the old days I would stick a Task Group towards an AoO, but seeing that it would conflict with our own rules “Captains have the freedom to write where ever they want in the Task Force Area of Operations” I will not make that smaller by dividing the Task Group into even more smaller areas. So this is kinda just administration!

New in the Task Group:

Palais de la Concorde
USS Sirona
USS Ajax
USS Odyssey



It’s big, that’s for sure!

I am proud to welcome back Murdock towards our great community. Murdock has served Bravo Fleet back in the day as Task Force Commanding Officer of both Task Force 21 and 86 under Vice Admiral Murdock. Now he has returned to take command of the USS Ascension that will be Task Force 93 carrier in the Reayan Transit Corridor! This wonderful ship will be under command of Lieutenant Commander Roberto Dellucci. Again welcome!!

The dark side of Intel has come to TF93

USS Redguard

Well I can, say much about it, but the Fleet Captain Davis has returned towards Bravo Fleet and with a unique concept that will be playing in the form of both Discord and WordPress. I personally look forward towards this sim work! Welcome towards the USS Redguard, a defiant class vessel that does the dirty work of Intelligence Black Ops!

The year is 2388 and Starfleet is still feeling the aftermath of the Dominion War; drained of its resources and ability to properly protect itself, they needed a way to fight against incursions from neighboring races who deemed the human world incapable of defending itself. This is where the USS Redguard comes in…

The Redguard is a modified Defiant Class vessel tasked with patrolling Federation space and engaging in covert operations against the enemies of Starfleet. Their presence is unknown to the general public but their efforts continue to keep the human race safe and allow Starfleet to move forward into the stars unscathed.

The time for recognition is upon us!

Good day members of Bravo Fleet,

This has been coming quite some time, but time in my personal life has prevented me from doing so and so my deepest apology for this delay.
Without further delay I want to recognize some people of Task Force 93 for their hard work with us and this is my way of thanking them and showing the fleet how awesome they are!

Captain Richard Sharpe please step forward:

Medal of Collaboration: While the DS14 sim is getting the SoTM award due their strong bound together in a time of crisis when the server went down. It was in recognition of Joan contribution and keeping morale and spirit up that kept the DS14 sim together. Even when having lost a month of valuable information, she kept the crew motivated to continue. I, therefore, award you the Medal of Collaboration and salute you!

Captain Wyatt Hickerson please step forward:

For taking an active part in both the development of the simulation story and active integrating the story of TF93 SoK story line. Also the contribution of expanding and detailing the SoK story more. Confusedfire is therefore recognized for the contribution of his work towards the Task Force 93 cannon. I, therefore, award you the Medal of Collaboration and salute you!

Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wollf please step forward:

Kos has contributed towards the Task Force as a player towards the content of the Intel page that was created to simplify the story interaction and transition towards other Commanding Officers. Has worked greatly towards the contribution of the story arc in regards to SoK and the Gorn Invasion discussion. I, therefore, award you the Medal of Achievement and …not yet salute you. Your pips are wrong Wollf, that should be changed at once! For achievement of getting your team on Delphi active are promoted to the full rank of Commander! Now I salute you, Commander.

Commander BataiDhej please step forward:
You have seen a lot and have had some difficult times in regards of real life and in your simming, but here you stand and still strong and going with your ship. , therefore, promote you towards the full rank of Captain and salute you, Captain!

Captain Makayla Perin please step forward:

From the time that I joined TF93 till now, I have not seen a stronger leader as Kaichi. She has taken the Captain role from Kai and since that point never really left the chair of Captain. She has created a unique story line that surprising was taken up by the Task Force Staff as part of the story for the Task Force. Kaichi created a story arc that not only contributed towards her own sim in great parts and length but also towards the Task Force as a whole. Her value opinion on the various discussion is taken in highly and do her service, her contribution to various fields (TF and Sim) she earns this award. I, therefore, award you the Gene Roddenberry Commendation of Excellent and salute you!

Commander Jack Lashmore & Captain David Hawkes please step forward:

Being a TFXO is on various parts difficult, every TFCO has their own way of teaching his pupil in becoming a good leader. But in my professional opinion is that Sirirus39 or also known as Hawkes in TF93, has taken that extra bar and not on a volunteer basis. I as TFCO am fighting my illness and while doing so I have to rely heavily on my right hand. Without a doubt has Hawkes proven to take this task seriously, has never refused any order or request I have given and yes we had our healthy doses of discussions or disagreements, but in the end, Hawkes did what was asked of him.

He has helped in getting the Task Force canon back on track, has discussed the options, created solutions and helped in thinking on various points of improving the Task Force. Has always helped the players within TF93 if it was either a CO or a player. And stepped in for me when I had to step back due to my health. I, therefore, award him the Silver Star Citation and promote Lashmore towards full Captain and Hawkes to Commodore!

Without a doubt is in my fair opinion Task Force 93 a strong Task Force with gifted writers that make my days as Task Force Commanding Officer proud to be the leader off. Without any player of the TF, I would not be here and I salute everyone and bow to you all for being part of this Task Force and your simulations. Please continue to make stories and let the world see how amazing all are.