An Explorer of Galactic Proportions

Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who first circumnavigated the Earth. Almost 1,000 years later, what better namesake for an exploratory vessel. The Galaxy class USS Magellan under the command of Captain Anjad Terax has been assigned to Task Group Athena in response to a buildup of force in the Inconnu Expanse.

The tensions are high and the stakes are higher as the Alrakis Pact is born. Captain Terax and the Magellan’s crew will be going boldly into a new frontier where the lines between friend and foe will be blurred.

Please join me in welcoming Aio to Task Force 72 Task Group Athena, and wish him well on his new adventures!

A New Training Ground!

Will billions and billions of people in the galaxy, it’s easy to assume that there are also millions upon millions that serve in Starfleet. And those personnel have to start somewhere, especially if Earth can’t accommodate them all. To that end, Starfleet has opened satellite campuses around the galaxy, including its newest facility on Bajor.

Assigned to this new campus is Commander Kennedy Harper (Joey) as its first commandant. New trainees are now expected to report to this campus for education, training, and preparation for a career of service.

Welcome to Task Force 72!

Comings and Goings

Happy Friday, Task Force 72!

It is with great pleasure to announce a new arrival to Task Force 72. Please welcome Walsh, at the helm of the USS Firebrand as Commander John Reynolds, 72’s first Vesta-class starship! The Firebrand will be focused on the Gavarian Corridor and relations with the Cardassian Union. Welcome to the team!

On a somber note, I must also report the closures of Deep Space 12 and the USS Bellona. Both COs will continue to contribute to the fleet through other methods, and the development of the next phase of our canon, which I hope to announce in the coming weeks.

Here’s to the future! And again, welcome aboard!

Welcome to the USS Palatine

Fellow commanders and crew of Task Force 93,

Please join me in welcoming the USS Palatine! She is already receiving crew and will soon be on the frontlines as Starfleet grants more resources to our Task Force due to the rising threats we face. The USS Palatine is commanded by LCDR Aalux Lakar.

If your command team has not dialed in to the latest Operations & Intelligence Brief (O&I), check it out and feel free to contribute.

I look forward to reading your reports in a few days.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Keep up the good work!



Yewande Banda, RADM, SF
Commanding Officer, Task Force 93


New sims join TF99

  Good afternoon,

 It’s with great pleasure that I announce some new additions to Task Force 99.

 First, we have three sims that moved over from TF93 to TF99. The USS Southern Cross, S.F.I. Delphi, and the USS Venture. These three sims will continue with their shared timeline in the new Ulysses Divison.

 Next, we have our very first Discovery Era sim in Bravo Fleet. The USS Hades is a Walker Class sim operating in the 2350s during the brief by violent Federation/Klingon war.

 Finally, we have a new Klingon sim joining the Ares Operational Theater division, the IKS Hos Suvwl’, a Vor’cha class attackcruiser. The sim was active as an independent prior to joining Bravo Fleet.

 Welcome to all the new faces in TF99!



James K’Temoc Bremer, VAdm, SF
Commanding Officer, Task Force 99
USS Yorktown NCC-1717-F

Welcome to CAPT Nathaniel “Nate” Jackson, TFXO; FRM Line-of-Effort Update

Fellow Commanders and crew of TF93,

I am directing CAPT Ramsey to solely focus his efforts on the Gorn Theater. Managing crisis operations in the Cestus and Canterra sectors is priority one for this TF. To that end, I have appointed CAPT Nathaniel “Nate” Jackson as our new Task Force Executive Officer (TFXO). Welcome to the team, Nate!

I have also assigned the Free Romulan Movement (FRM) Line-of-Effort to CAPT Jackson, effective immediately.

Additionally, we have stood up an official outlet to receive further notice of HQ TF93 operations:

My staff and I will be re-examining our lines-of-effort and will give the latest update during our Operations & Intelligence Brief (O&I) this month.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Keep up the good work!



Yewande Banda, RADM, SF
Commanding Officer, Task Force 93

Congratulations to Leam-Mark, who commands the USS Excalibur, on his appointment to TFXO! You can reach him at Leam-Mark#1673 on Discord.

The TF Staff decided to make PFY an official sim so you can read about the IC happenings of our headquarters. We will be posting in the TF93 Forum though so you don’t have to check another site.


Personnel Changes in Task Force 93

Greetings fellow Commanders and crew of SEARCH. I look forward to working with each of you as I take the helm of Task Force 93. I want to thank VADM Anin for her leadership and bid her good luck as she becomes the next Assistant Commandant of the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps at Starfleet Command.

I am pleased to announce that in conjunction with CAPT Ramsey, we will be appointing various Staff Directorates to assist in running the Headquarters.

Our first directorate we are standing up is the Intelligence Directorate led by CDR Vladimir Demochev.

Additionally, I am ordering CAPT Ramsey to solely focus on his duties of the Gorn Theater as that is our top priority as a task force due to the illegal seizure of Federation worlds.

As a result, I have instructed my staff to interview potential candidates for a new TFXO. Candidates should view Starfleet Personnel Message 2-2-18-89 below if interested.



Yewande Banda, RADM, SF
Commanding Officer, Task Force 93



  1. Why do you want to be TFXO?
  2. What would you change about TF93 if you could?
  3. What is the best part of TF93?
  4. How long have you been a part of TF93 & BF?



Stranger from the future has appeared

From Command
Area of Operations Task Force 93
Commandant Vice Admiral Anin

Starfleet Operations and Task Force 93 has concluded that a strange anomaly has appeared on the sensor grid at the southern borders of the Federation. When the USS Oakham, a Nebula-class vessel, arrived at the anomaly an unknown vessel had appeared. Upon further investigation, the ship has marked as the USS Shanghai-A. A Vesta-class ship that has come from 2391 and been sucked into the anomaly. After a long discussion with Starfleet Command and Task Force 93 Senior Staff, we have concluded to offer towards the crew to adopt the USS Shanghai-A services into service of Task Force 93 and they shall be given proper guidance by the DTI. They will then resume their duties towards traveling south towards the Perseus Arm for exploration duties.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Every ship has an engineering team, but they are generally qualified to repair and enhance the ship they serve on. Sometimes there’s a job that not even Scotty can handle. When that day comes, who will you call?

Hazard Team 14, that is!

This Team, codenamed Valkyries, is a member of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. They are deployed to handle planetary evacuations, building, support in war efforts or simply repair duties that are required to be done by Starfleet. Under the leadership of Lieutenant Kathryn Waltz (BlackWolf), Team 14 is assigned to Starbase 72. While it is stationed there, they answer both to the Starbase Command staff and SCE. The USS Earhart, an Argo Class Shuttle, is assigned to this team for deployment.

Another uniqueness to the Valkyries is that it will be a hybrid sim, playing one Discord session a week and will use Nova to keep things going for backstories and such.

Welcome to 72!

Blast From The Past

It is with great pleasure that I welcome the USS Providence to Task Force 72! And, yes, that is your classic Constitution-Class starship you see above. Led by Lieutenant Commander Rick McGavin, the USS Providence is pulled through time from the 2270s to 2388! The crew must not only come to grips with the fact they can never go home, but they also must acclimate to a timeline more than a hundred years ahead of them.

We are excited to have the Providence with us in 72. Please make them feel welcome!

The Sentinel is at the gate!

From Command
Area of Operations Task Force 93
Commandant Vice Admiral Anin

Good day,

Due to developments in the Raeya Sector, it was made possible for Task Force 93 to deploy another vessel. The USS Sentinel has been placed back into active service after three and a half years of being in storage. With this deployment, the USS Sentinel will be focused on the operations around the Krazzle Republic and the C’hakilian Empire. It is therefore also my pleasure to welcome Lieutenant Commander Diane Shelby, in service for almost 14 years with Starfleet and brings a package full of experience with a scientifical background. We of Task Force 93 Senior Staff, in service of Bravo Fleet, wish to welcome the Commander and let the stars be with you!

Home of the Darkest Secrets

Starfleet has many secrets, and those secrets must be guarded. For that purpose, Starfleet has commissioned Memory Theta, a hub for top-secret research and artifacts that must be kept far away from daylight. Representing Memory Theta is Lieutenant Commander Mzarak.

Welcome to Task Force 72!