TF9 XO Appointment
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  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Admiral Zachary O’Connell
      Starbase 72
 VIA  Arrivals

As you all know our previous TFXO Kai1701E has been promoted to be the Task Force Commanding Officer of 38. I wish him all the best of luck and know he will keep that Task Force great and make it even greater.

Ever since his promotion I have been looking for a viable replacement and most of the time has been spent deciding between some excellent candidates. After much consideration and conversations with others I have decided that JamesG is the best person for the job. Ever since becoming part of BF as a member of the Nogura James has shown a great attitude towards both simming and the fleet. As CO of the Vindex he has excelled and he has shown himself incredibly active on the fleet front. I can say that without him TF9 would not be the same. I look forward to seeing what he can achieve in this new role and am fully confident in his abilities.

James has decided to take on David Hutchinson as his Task Force Executive Officer character, he is hereby promoted to the rank of Commodore.