Task Force 99
Task Group Ulysses

“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

Name USS Sirius Status Active
Registry NCC-79045-A Simm Rating General (13+)
Class Nebula Format Email
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Captain Thomas Jorin
Executive Officer Captain Calandrah Paxton
Returning home after six years in the Delta quadrant, my crew and I find a different Federation to the one we left and must find our place within it. Returning to active duty, we once more seek out the unknown and expand our understanding of the final frontier.
Name USS Arlington Status Active
Registry NCC-58022 Simm Rating Mature (16+)
Class Cheyenne Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Captain Dillon Llewellyn
The year is 2367. Starfleet is in a weakened state post the Battle of Wolf 359, having lost all of those ships in an Attack by their most powerful enemy to date...the Borg . As such, commanders are needed to fill gaps, and junior officers step up. Enter the USS Arlington, an Ambassador Class ship.
Name USS Taniwha Status Active
Registry NCC-68416 Simm Rating Mature (16+)
Class Akira Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Commander Xanthe Rahal
Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Rasahni Korra
The Dominion War is over. Ships and crews gather at DS9 to witness the formal signing of the Treaty of Bajor. As the brass and the Dominion representatives meet, the rest look to repairing their ships and replacing crew before returning Starfleet's original mission, one of peace and exploration.