Task Force 99
Task Group Kronos

“Going Beyond the Limits”

Name Tau Lyrae Status Active
Registry NR-99 Simm Rating Mature (16+)
Class Not Applicable Format Email
Recruiting No
Commanding Officer Captain Odren Xall
2407. The Romulan Star Empire is a former shadow of itself. After withdrawing from the Eridan Belt, the Federation is finally beginning to venture into this mysterious and possibly dangerous region of space.
Name Heyerdahl Station Status Active
Registry SB-115 Simm Rating Mature (16+)
Class Nor Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Captain Harrison Anders
Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Michael Hunter
2408. The Klingon war is over, the Ipscari have stabilized the star in the system and rendered Nymeia habitable in thanks for the return of their young Emperor. A new piece of technology hurls the crew into the Mirror Universe, from which they must struggle to return.