Task Force 99
Task Group Asteria

Task Group Asteria, is a task group assigned to Task Force 99. This task group is made up several sims that are apart of alternate universes within the Star Trek Genre. Non of these sims follow Bravo Fleet’s main canon.


Tau Lyrae (NR-99)
Class Not Applicable Status Active
Registry NR-99 Format Nova
Rating Adult (18+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
Set in 2408 and follows the crew of the mysterious Tau Lyrae Station, a bright and shining beacon from the future, where it sits at a strategic juncture on the edge of the Betreka Nebula between the Cardassian Union, the Klingon Empire and a Wormhole.
Station Commander
Colonel Alete Strom
Executive Officer
Commander Dutch Mogun
ISS Yamato (NCC-71807)
Class Galaxy Status Active
Registry NCC-71807 Format Nova
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
At the edge of the Universe lies fear, anger and hate! In a mirror of humanity lies the Terran Empire. ISS Yamato is a Imperial Battleship that is tasked with maintaining order and control through the Empire! Join today and help to control the rebellion that fights the glory of the empire!
Commanding Officer
Captain Nathan Russ
Futility’s End (NONE)
Class Universe-Spanning Fiction Status Provisional
Registry NONE Format Web
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
It has been ten years since the end of the Borg War, and the galaxy still stands shattered. In the last, fallen remnant of the Federation, a struggle to return to the ideals that built Starfleet has begun in earnest. But against enemies both within and without, can such idealism stand?
Chief of Starfleet Operations
Vice Admiral Eden Reese-Enigma