Task Force 93
Task Group 58

You Choose Open Command (NONE)
Class Any Class Status Open
Registry NONE Format Nova
Rating General (13+) Recruiting No
USS Armstrong (NCC-71969)
Class Intrepid Status Provisional
Registry NCC-71969 Format Nova
Rating General (13+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
After a routine patrol along the Klingon Border, or what is now known as the Sovereignty of Kahless, the Armstrong has run into spatial anomalies that may not be what they seem.
Commanding Officer
Captain Richard Sterling
USS Valiant (NCC-73812)
Class Sovereign Status Fiction
Registry NCC-73812 Format Web
Rating General (13+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
The U.S.S. Nightingale, a Nova-class Federation science vessel, has accidentally crossed into the Romulan Neutral Zone. Moments after the mistake was discovered, a Romulan warbird decloaked and opened fire. The attack took out most of the Nightingale’s engineering section and engineers.
Commanding Officer
Captain William Tannen
Executive Officer
Commander Aylen Branson
USS Ajax (NCC-80118)
Class Wallace Status Active
Registry NCC-80118 Format Nova
Rating General (13+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
Assigned to Starfleet Intelligence, the USS Ajax carries a 4 person Forward Intelligence & Surveillance Team and is assigned the task of Intelligence gathering throughout the entire TF93 operations area. Whether its checking up on the Romulans, watching the Klingons Civil War, the Ajax is there.
Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Jason Tigan
Executive Warrant Officer
Staff Warrant Officer Q’orvha