Task Force 93
Bastet Group

Name Providence Fleet Yards Status Active
Registry SB-3 Simm Rating General (13+)
Class Regulus Format Chat
Recruiting No
Task Force Commanding Officer Vice Admiral Yewande Banda
Task Force Executive Officer Commodore Nathaniel “Nate” Jackson
Name USS Hawaii Status Active
Registry NCC-80776 Simm Rating Mature (16+)
Class Sovereign Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer (CO) Captain Akio Tachibana
Executive Officer (XO) Commander Juan Zamora
Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight: After fighting the Second Battle of XFY, the USS Hawaii along with the USS Devonshire, is leading a Battle Group to the Canterra System. We are always taking on crew. Feel free to look around!
Name USS Excalibur Status Active
Registry NCC-77900-A Simm Rating General (13+)
Class Ascension Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Captain Anthony Richardson
Second Officer Lieutenant Leticia Sanchez
In a world where one species has been rocked to their very core, another has lost everything they ever held dear to them, and both are bent on showing that they can recover in vastly different ways.
Name Outpost Curtiss Status Active
Registry DS-20 Simm Rating General (13+)
Class Presidium Format Forum
Recruiting No
Commanding Officer Captain Samuel Wentworth
Name USS Sampson Status Provisional
Registry NCC-76524 Simm Rating General (13+)
Class Ascension Format Forum
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Ryan Murphy
Peace Keeping forces along the Romulan borders had not been going well and they had been assigned to keep peace along the new Raeyan transit corridor - which attracted lots of "attention" if you will. The Task Force needed a heavy to help keep the peace and the Sampson was commissioned.
Name Palais de la Concorde Status Active
Registry SB-001 Simm Rating General (13+)
Class Planetary Base Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Secretary of the Exterior Magnus Temple
Secretary of Defense Vritika Chakrabarti
This is the story of the administration of the President of the United Federation of Planets; their daily life and struggle with the events that are now unfolding in the galaxy. Join us as we explore the machinations, relationships, goals, and challenges of running the Federation.
Name Romulan Imperial Senate Status Provisional
Registry NR-000 Simm Rating General (13+)
Class Planetary Base Format Forum
Recruiting Yes
Praetor Hakan
Name USS Ajax Status Provisional
Registry NCC-80118 Simm Rating General (13+)
Class Wallace Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Lieutenant Jason Tigan
Name USS Independence Status Provisional
Registry NCC-81358 Simm Rating General (13+)
Class Diligent Format Web
Recruiting No
Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Matt Rourke
The Klingon border is a hot-bed of politics; rogue houses threatening to align themselves to the Sovereignty of Kahless, under-manned and embittered Starfleet defenders, and rim colonies disillusioned with the Federation's promises. Into this pit of vipers descends the USS Independence.