Task Force 93

Task Force 93, also known as “S.E.A.R.C.H.” (Starfleet’s Exploratory and Advanced Research Command Headquarters), is a subordinate unit of Fourth Fleet operating in the Beta Quadrant.

Task Force 93 has served as a peacekeeping force along the Romulan border for the last half decade. Following the Hobus hypernova of April 2387, it temporarily operated within Romulan space to provide support. In September 2387, the Treaty of Nelvana resealed the Romulan borders introduced the new Raeyan Transit Corridor, a sliver of Federation space between the Romulan and Klingon Empires. Task Force 93 became responsible for maintaining this new corridor, as well as for conducting operations in the Raeyan Sector beyond. In early 2388, Task Force 93 absorbed Task Force 47 as part of a fleet reorganization, subsequently expanding our area of operations to include the Romulan border along the Gavarian Corridor, and, after the Gorn invasion of the Canterra sector in mid-2388, its area of operations was again expanded, this time to include all Federation territory along the Klingon and Gorn borders.

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TF93 Mission Brief

Commander, Federation Forces (COMFEDFOR) for the Gorn Theater (GRN/CC) – Captain Leslie Ramsey
Commander, Federation Forces (COMFEDFOR) for the Klingon Theater (KLN/CC) – Captain Erin Sable
Sector Commander (SECCOM), Raeya Sector Block (RSB/CC) – Captain Ryoko Takato

Director of Intelligence (N2) – VACANT
Deputy Director of Intelligence (N2D) – Lieutenant Commander Amie Cerys

Director of Logistics (N4) – Commander Hrishikyvan “Kyvan” sh’Pavn

Director of Strategic Plans (N5) – Commander T’Prir Abbott
Deputy Director of Strategic Plans (N5D) – VACANT

Director of Communications (N6) – Commander Mira Blackwood

Director of Sciences (N7) – Commander Sera Covey

Surgeon General (N8) – Commander Amelia Tandy, M.D.

Director of Civil-Military Affairs (N9) – Commander Sel

Recruitment Spotlight

The USS Hypatia limps back to Port after a run-in with the Sovereignty of Kahless (SoK).

Our numbers are depleted after the skirmish with wounded being transferred for care. Join us as we embark to protect our borders. We look forward to having you aboard!

Open Positions;
-First Officer
-Chief Flight Control Officer
-Chief Strategic Operations Officer (Encompassing Security, Tactical, and Intelligence)
-Chief Counselor
And many junior positions!

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Currently, Task Force 93 has a five-point mandate:

  1. Manage incident response to the Gorn invasion of the Canterra sector, including defending the new borders against additional incursions, rebuilding facilities damaged during the invasion, seeking a diplomatic solution to recovering Federation colonists and territory, and collecting intelligence in case a tactical effort is required to retake the occupied territories.
  2. Monitor the activities of the Romulan Star Empire, which was destabilized after the destruction of Romulus and Remus and has now developed a questionable attitude towards Starfleet following the Algorab Summit and the Treaty of Nelvana.
  3. Safeguard the Raeyan Transit Corridor, the only safe method of passage between core Federation territory and the Raeyan sector, and a crucial buffer between the Romulan and Klingon empires. Liaise with Romulan vessels involved with relocation efforts per the Treaty of Nelvana, and establish a permanent Federation presence in the Raeyan Transit Corridor, including infrastructure, colonization and exploration.
  4. Rebuild Starfleet’s presence in the Raeyan Sector, one that has fallen into disrepair after Task Force 58 withdrew from the region in 2386 and only a skeleton contingent was left to administer remaining regional assets.
  5. Civil War, within the Klingon Empire has alerted the Federation to keep monitoring the situation and aid where needed.

Area of Operations

Area of Operations in regards of Task Force 93, can be found on the following link: