Task Force 9
Sentinel Group

Name USS Unification Status Active
Registry NCC-79023-A Simm Rating General (13+)
Class Nebula Format Nova
Recruiting No
Commanding Officer Captain Jacob Lambert
Executive Officer Lieutenant Colonel Elena Wright
Name USS Black Hawk Status Active
Registry NCC-63554-A Simm Rating Mature (16+)
Class Century Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Captain Harvey Geisler
Executive Officer Commander Thiago Teixeira
It took Starfleet eighteen years to breach the barrier. Leading the way into the Finnean Convergence Zone is the USS Black Hawk. Her mission, while cataloging black & white holes, subspace eddies and more, is to uncover a potential threat to the Federation. Many believe this to be a one way trip.
Name USS Nogura Status Active
Registry NCC-78204-A Simm Rating Mature (16+)
Class Sovereign Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Captain Nilani Azulas
Executive Officer Commander Audrid Kane
Nogura remains on patrol in the outlands of Federation controlled space as the ship scouts the Nerey'n system for a colony site. Unbeknownst to the crew, an archaeology team is on a planet in the system with information about a discovery that could have quadrant wide repercussions...
Name USS Valhalla Status Active
Registry NCC-75689 Simm Rating General (13+)
Class Intrepid Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Captain Richard Wayne