Task Force 9


A New Era…

For decades the Gamma Quadrant has been subject to conflict. Whether it was from forces foreign or domestic, the Starfleet presence has always been one foot in the grave. All this is changing, with exploration once again opened and expansion authorized, with old enemies turning into friends and other enemies weakened to the point of being harmless. Starfleet can once again continue on its mission to go where no person has gone before and discover the undiscovered.

The Gamma Quadrant is wide open but not all discoveries may be equally friendly.

What will we find?

How will we deal with demons of the past?

How will we maintain order in a chaotic quadrant?

You can help us discover.

Check out many of our great sims in Task Groups Vanguard and Sentinel or start your own in one of them or learn about our history here,

Recruitment Spotlight

The USS Chimaera was commissioned specifically to eradicate the Consortium remnant in the Gamma Quadrant. Whether by irony or by fate, the Chimaera was instead nearly handed over to the insurgent forces by an ambitious criminal Ferengi organization who wished to use the Prometheus class vessel as a bartering chip. Commander Onaga Sayuri, Chief of Security for the maiden Chimaera and a reluctant informant of the Black Nagus organization, was faced with a catch-22: expose the plot and face arrest for treason, or turn her back on everything she held dear and mutiny. She chose the latter. Now, going her own way with a ship devastated by the mutiny and subsequent fight for freedom from the Consortium and Starfleet alike, Onaga and her remaining mutinous crew have found themselves on the raggedy edge with four-way targets on their back from the Black Nagus, the Consortium, the Dominion, and Starfleet. Can they rebuild their tattered vessel and restore their lost fortune? Is there any honor among thieves?
In response to the discovery of the Reliquary, an ancient space station with archives about the Gamma Quadrant going back millions of years, the USS Proteus, home of the Advanced Science, Technology & Research Activity (ASTRA), has been dispatched to the Gamma Quadrant to track down some of the most extraordinary leads from the ancient archives. While out beyond the edge of known space, the USS Proteus is also to extend the hand of friendship to species it encounters through its diplomatic mission-at-large and lay the groundwork for future Federation activity via its the Hammer of Hephaestus marine engineering company. But as the USS Proteus explores ancient worlds, makes first contact with new civilizations, and charts out strange stellar phenomena, there’s something waiting in the darkness of the great unknown.


  • Explore the Gamma Quadrant to catalog planets, nebulae, spatial anomalies and more.
  • Protect Federation Interests in the Quadrant and its citizens who explore and conduct trade.
  • Support the development of Federation colonies in cooperation with local powers.

Area of Operations

Task Force 9 has been given a mandate covering the entire Gamma Quadrant. It currently primarily patrols the systems surrounding the wormhole but with its renewed mandate is expanding on all sides to enrich and expand the Federation. To bring peace and order to all those willing.