Task Force 72
Hecate Group

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Starbase 72 (SB-72)
Class Spacedock Status Active
Registry SB-72 Format Nova
Rating General (13+) Recruiting No
Game Description
The Headquarters for Task Force 72, Starbase 72 is located in the Minos Korva system, just a few lightyears from the Cardassian border. Close enough to the action, and not far enough away to be rendered useless, Starbase 72 is given a proper vantage point to the turbulent Alpha Quadrant.
Task Force 72 Commanding Officer
Vice Admiral Falco Tauvits
USS Endeavour (NCC-82002)
Class Century Status Fiction
Registry NCC-82002 Format Web
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting No
Commanding Officer
Commander Matt Rourke
CDS Damar (CUS-52902)
Class Galor Status Provisional
Registry CUS-52902 Format Nova
Rating General (13+) Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer
Gul Tadrel
Deep Space 12 (DS-12)
Class Nor Status Active
Registry DS-12 Format Nova
Rating Mature (16+) Recruiting Yes
Game Description
Deep Space Twelve is one of the most important facilities in the Federation, an economic strong hold and vitally important strategic outpost. Located on the border between the Federation and Cardassian Union, Deep Space 12 is one of four Nor class stations in service within Starfleet.
Executive Officer
Commander Li Ling Meifeng
USS Hypatia (NCC-92601)
Class Vesta Status Active
Registry NCC-92601 Format Nova
Rating General (13+) Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer
Captain CeCe Rhodes