Task Force 72
Hecate Group

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Name Memory Theta Status Active
Registry SB-233-%CF%B4 Simm Rating Mature (16+)
Class Planetary Base Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Captain Mrazak
As a result of Memory Theta's intervention, Bynaus faces a new chapter of their cultural evolution, but has otherwise been spared devastation yet again. Bynars may now function outside binary orientation if desired. The next mission that will take us to a dark corner of the galaxy best left alone.
Name USS H.G. Wells Status Provisional
Registry NCC-92166 Simm Rating Mature (16+)
Class Diligent Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Commander EJ Matthews
With the installation of the Time Drive, EJ recruits her crew, and they find the first aberration to the timeline. Engaging the Time Drive, the H.G. Wells is sent back in time, but finds themselves further into the past than they wanted to be – in fact, they are in the time of the Macedonian Empire
Name USS Kitsune Status Active
Registry NX-79832-B Simm Rating Adult (18+)
Class Saber Format Nova
Recruiting Yes
Commanding Officer Commander Mikey Clearwater
Serving as A Research and Development Testbed The USS Kitsune Is a one of a kind Retrofitted Dumont Class Refit, Equipped with powerful new subsystems Designed to be able to tackle any situation Presented to her. Punching and running above her weight class the USS Kitsune Proudly tests the untested.
Name USS Traveller Status Active
Registry NCC-56259 Simm Rating Adult (18+)
Class Ronin Format Nova
Recruiting No
Commanding Officer Captain Remas McDonald
It is our destiny to explore the far frontiers of space. These are the missions of the USS Traveller, an expedition sent beyond the Milky Way galaxy to the Messier 4 globular cluster. It is the Federations greatest challenge, and ultimate adventure.