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The year is 2158 and the United Earth Coalition has been at war with the Romulan Star Empire for over two years. Losses continue to mount on both sides despite peace feelers being extended by governments across the Coalition. In an effort to bring the war to a conclusion, by peaceful or militaristic means, Starfleet has constructed a fleet of eight Yorktown class Battleships building on the success of classes such as the NX and Intrepid designs.

But hope exists in the form of a new breed of Earth Starship, more powerful than anything created before. The new Warp 7 Battleships, designated the Yorktown class, have been constructed in secret at the Ganymede shipyards in the Deneva system. Designed in the hope that they will be able to stand up to anything the Romulan’s can throw at them, the Yorktown’s are the last hope for Earth’s survival. Five of the eight vessels have entered the current conflict and are making a name for themselves. The remaining three are nearing completion, including NY-07, the starship Achilles.

Under the command of Captain Sebastian Farrell and Commander Freya Marshall-Bennet, the Achilles is completed with the help of coalition forces and will enter the war at a time when Starfleet is on the precipice of defeat…

The seventh ship of the line, the NY-07 Achilles is your new home. As part of our crew it is down to you to help us secure the future of humanity. If we fail, Earth will fall. Failure, simply put, is not an option.

Report to the Ganymede Shipyards for reassignment to the Achilles immediately. It’s time to go to war…


Captain Sebastian Farrell
Commanding Officer
NY-07 Achilles
Yorktown Class Battleship


Captain Sebastian Farrell
Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer

With a keen intellect and an eye for the unexpected, Sebastian has quickly forged a reputation as an effective combat leader in Starfleet's forces, earning himself a promotion to command one of the fleets newest battlecruisers. Having an impressive command resume that includes being in command of the S.S. Pioneer, his most recent command experience came aboard the NX-07 during her construction at the end of the Xindi crisis and up until he assumed command of the Achilles. Seb is an enlightened and engaging Terran male. He is easy to get on with and loves to make friends. He is a ladies' man and is known to flirt outrageously with women he is attracted to. He loves to socialise and is a light drinker, however he is not afraid to go on all nighters in a bid to win over a potential mate.

Played by Kai1701E

Lieutenant Commander Marsha Rudcovski
Executive Officer and Communications Officer

Played by Annex

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Science Officer
  3. Chief Medical Officer
  4. Chief Tactical Officer
  5. Chief Engineering Officer
  6. Chief Counselor
  7. Marine Detachment Deputy Commander


On the Precipice...
started August 27, 2018

Starfleet is on the brink of defeat. Romulan forces have surged towards victory with assaults on worlds as close as Utopia and the Andorian world Tlolu. Starfleet Command has assembled some of the most senior commanders in the fleet to discuss options for a counter-strike, but word soon reaches them of a planned Romulan assault on the neutral world of Denobula. The fleet is called to action, but will they be ready in time?