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The Romulan War was a pivotal event in history which led to the creation of the United Federation of Planets.

It all started late in 2154 when Enterprise was tasked with delivering a delegation from the United Planets of Tellar to Babel in hopes that a peace agreement could be formed between them and the Andorian Empire. While en route to Babel, Enterprise rescued the survivors of Captain Shran’s vessel, the Kumari, which he claimed had been destroyed by a Tellarite ship. Soon thereafter, Enterprise was similarly attacked, this time by an Andorian ship. After taking some damage, the Andorian ship withdrew. But was it really an Andorian ship after all? Even Captain Shran thought it odd that a ship of his kin would fail to respond to his commands.

Due to the vigilance of the Enterprise crew in trying to find answers to this mystery, they discovered that the ship was actually Romulan in design and that it had multispectral emitters that allowed it to change its appearance and weapons configuration using advanced holotechnology. By now, what the Romulan Star Empire was trying to do was blatantly clear; they were trying to destabilize the entire region so that no alliances could be formed.

Instead, the threat of the Romulans brought the Humans, Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites together. Together, through cooperation, they stopped the drone ship.

The Romulans did not stop there, however. Following this failure, Romulan scientists and engineers worked on a new system based off of the telepathic-controlled drone ships. They created the telecapture system which allowed them to take command of ships remotely and use them for their own devious needs.

In the months that followed, and in the wake of the formation of the Coalition of Planets, the Romulans attacked anyone who dared to try and ally themselves with Earth. Coridan and Draylax were but two of the victims. The Coalition did its best to protect its interests but it wasn’t until the destruction of the Earth Cargo Ship Kobayashi Maru on July 22, 2155 that the Coalition declared war on the Romulans.

Not all of its members took part in the war though. Almost immediately when it began, the Confederacy of Vulcan withdrew from the war fearing that their past connection with the Romulans would come to light and alienate them from their allies. Instead, they offered to set up an early warning system around key Coalition territories so that Romulan incursions could be detected much quicker than before.

The withdrawal of Vulcan from the war was a major setback for the Coalition. While the Coalition did its best to thwart Romulan forces, it was not enough. Several worlds, including Deneva, Berengaria VII and Threllvia IV fell to the Romulans. The outcome of the war looked bleak to anyone with access to the news.

Despite this, United Earth Starfleet continued to launch its range of NX-Class Starships. Challenger and Discovery were launched in 2155 and Atlantis was launched in February of 2156. Due to the cost and time needed to build them, however, it was decided that Endeavour would be the final ship of that class scheduled to launch in June of 2156.

As a member of Endeavour’s crew, the events about to unfold will form the basis of what is to eventually become the United Federation of Planets. Many names will be remembered in the annals of history. Will yours be amongst them?


Commodore Edward Pearson
Commanding Officer

Played by CaptainPorthos

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Lieutenant Hamilton Long
Chief Engineering Officer

Played by Shannon

Ensign Reidar Nordheim
Chief Communications Officer

Played by CaptainPorthos

Second Lieutenant Erin Ishay
MACO Executive Officer

Coming from a military family Erin has known little else than duty and service since she was little. While there was no question she'd end up Enlisting it was a surprise to everyone when she joined the MACOs rather than the Mars Militia. Despite her families less than friendly relations with Earth, Erin never had an issue, the war long over and Earth and Mars allied. A natural leader Erin rose steadily through the ranks becoming a senior NCO very quickly. However a year into the Romulan War things were turned on her head. After defending the scientists of the Warp 7 Project, Erin and her unit found themselves attached to the NX-06 Endeavour a primarily Starfleet vessel. Having to come to terms with integration, Erin earned herself a battlefield promotion and must adjust to her new station.

Played by Kaichi

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Corporal Adrian Fisher

Square jawed and average height. Adrian keeps his hair in a crew cut and keeps his face clean shaven with hardly a hair on his face. (John Cena)

Adrian is gung-ho, he believes in what he does and is unshakable when given an order. Adrian keeps himself in shape and fit. It helps him clear his mind and since the loss of his family he tries to keep his mind cleared. Working out keeps himself from thinking of his Family and it helps him cope with the loss.

Played by Daven1461

Goron jav Rork

Played by CaptainPorthos