Outpost Curtiss

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In 2364 Starfleet began constructing Presidium Class stations throughout the Federation in an effort to begin replacing stations that had began to become obsolete. Seeing the need for trading outposts near the Romulan and Klingon Border as well as the need for added protection in the region Starfleet ordered the construction of Deep Space 20. There was a decision to also make it into a scientific outpost and, determined that should be the primary role of the station so instead of protection Deep Space 20 would serve as a scientific outpost and trading hub.

By 2367 the construction teams were ahead of schedule on the completion of the station with the outer shell of the station having been completed six months earlier and the modules being attached to the station. Most of the upper dome had been completed and approximately fifty percent of the core was complete. However, there was a Borg incursion into Federation space and the Battle of Wolf 359 did not go well for Starfleet with the destruction of 39 starships. Following the Borg attack and eventual defeat Starfleet halted the construction of Deep Space 20 and several other stations.

By 2368 the Borg Crisis had ended and the following year Starfleet resumed construction on Deep Space 20. In 2370 Starfleet announced that Deep Space 20 would be completed within the coming year and began deciding on a commanding officer. With the Bajoran Wormhole discovery and Starfleet’s focus shifting to that region the engineering team worked in almost complete silence. In 2371 the station was finally completed and Captain Naydek Trallis, a joined Trill officer, was announced as the Commanding Officer.

The first year of command at Deep Space 20 was for the most part quiet with the exception of the Dominion threat that had began to loom over the entire Federation. With most of the focus there few freighters came by and limited scientific exploration was completed, but otherwise life on the station began to reach some sort of normal pattern. By 2372 and with the knowledge of the Changeling threat blood screenings became very common on the station. Only one changeling infiltrator was ever discovered a Klingon who’s mission was never made clear, but the Klingon was not going after the station he was only caught there.

Shortly before the Dominion War a group of pirates calling themselves The Remnants Rest attempted to take the station in a raid for medical supplies and weapons. A freighter the Atmosphere carrying the pirates docked at the station and before anyone was aware the station was under attack. They were nearly successful however, the USS Peru and the USS Wyoming responded to the distress signal and were able to repel the attackers. Life never returned to normal after the attack as the Dominion War had began shortly after this incident.

When the Seventh Fleet is nearly wiped out by the Dominion it is realized that Starfleet losses were greatly impacting the ability of Starfleet to defend it’s border in the war. Deep Space 20 is completely abandoned after the battle with Captain Trallis being reassigned to the USS Porter along with a portion of his senior officers. The civilians leave the station and all supplies are moved to other stations and places where they are most needed. Captain Trallis is later killed when the USS Porter is destroyed while patrolling near the Romulan Border.

After the Dominion War had ended and the reconstruction seemed to be going well Vice Admiral Thomas Reading approached Starfleet with a plan to begin reopening stations throughout the Federation that had been abandoned during the war. His plan included constructing new stations as well as re-designating several key stations. He included Deep Space 20 in his plan and thus Starfleet began going through the plan and made several compromises and adjustments. In 2380 the entire plan is approved and Deep Space 20 is assigned a team under Lieutenant Chelsea McDanielson. The station officially is renamed Outpost Curtiss and, is to become an Engineering Support Base for the region.

In 2381 the reconstruction effort had already hit a snag because the crew weren’t able to disconnect the upper level modules as they had been fused together. And, construction on the drydocks could not begin until after those modules had been replaced causing the engineering team to resort to the use of explosives to disconnect them. It was crude, but effective and the engineering work crews had to repair damage caused by the explosives. After six months the modules have been replaced and construction of the drydocks can officially begin while work on the inside of the station is being completed.

In 2383 most of the drydocks were completed and the lower modules had been repaired, but the lower level reactor was completely useless as it was invaded by some type of sentient nanites. The work crew ejected the core and had it towed to an uninhabited planet where the nanites would be able to thrive. A new reactor was ordered and by 2384 it had been installed and brought online with no further issues. Over the following four years each individual space throughout the station were redesigned and brought online. In 2385 the drydocks had been completed and were ready to come online as well.

In 2387 shuttles, runabouts, and additional workbees were brought on board and placed inside the available shuttlebay space in the upper and lower level domes. All of the spaces were complete and the reactors were sharing the job of powering the station, Starfleet submitted a message throughout that shops and other businesses were available on the station. Starfleet assigned Captain Wyatt Hickerson as the new Commanding Officer as soon as his tour on the USS Iwo Jima was complete. He toured the station briefly that same year while the ship was heading for the Raeyan Transit Corridor.

Captain Wyatt Hickerson officially takes command of Outpost Curtiss as it is brought online as a fully functional Engineering Support Base and, his senior staff arrive. Civilians and Starfleet Personnel begin arriving and it is announced that vessels in need of repair and refit may begin putting in requests for work. And, supplies are placed in the cargo bays so that ships in need of resupply can be done. The first vessels also begin to arrive for requested repair and refit.

In February 2389 a severe Ion Storm struck Outpost Curtiss forcing the crew and civilian personnel to flee for their lives. Starfleet was convinced that the station and drydocks would be destroyed… They were wrong! Now, after assessing the damage Starfleet decided to reopen Deep Space 20 with a new crew. Most of the Starfleet personnel had been given other assignments across the Federation many in the Beta Quadrant Area of Responsibility.

Outpost Curtiss is now under the command of Lieutenant Commander Melanie Brooks, a former engineer with limited command experience, and now the young Commander has to adapt and grow. Starfleet is spread thinly throughout the quadrant and so only a limited number of personnel can be assigned to the station for the time being. To make matters worse, civilians are fearful of living on the station following the emergency situation which resulted in them leaving.


Lieutenant Commander Melanie Brooks
Commanding Officer

Played by AidenGroves

Lieutenant Commander James Cohen
Chief Engineering Officer

Played by Confusedfire