USS Chimaera

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Peace in our time. That was what was promised. The Prometheus-class USS Chimaera was meant to be the vanguard of Task Force 9’s reconstruction efforts in a post-Consortium quadrant. After leaving the Planitia Shipyards, the Chimaera followed a trail of fanfare from Mars to Bajor. Once docked at DS9, however, the Black Nagus criminal organization came calling. It was the Chimaera‘s Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Onaga Sayuri, a secret and reluctant informant for the Black Nagus, who discovered a mutiny plot: Desperate for support, a prominent Consortium splinter cell agreed to merge with the Black Nagus, and their buy-in price was the Chimaera. The Black Nagus operatives intended to seize the Chimaera in the name of the Consortium, and so take hold in the Gamma Quadrant.

A handful of the Chimaera’s crew found themselves trapped between loyalists and Black Nagus operatives. They were unable to reveal the conspiracy without landing themselves in a life sentence for treason–if they even lived long enough to reach that point. In transit through the wormhole and with no time to call for help, they chose mutiny.

When they arrived at the rendezvous point, the mutiny turned ugly. The pitched battle between the three modules and the three Consortium ships nearly destroyed all sides. In the end, only the middle section of the Chimaera survived intact with the other two sections suffering critical system failure. The battle drew nearby Dominion forces to investigate, leading the weakened Chimaera with no choice but to flee in the opposite direction. They plunged directly into a turbulent region of space which made the Jem’Hadar ships fall back.

When the dust settled, a long-distance subspace communication came through to them from a man identified as Maximilian Dedeker, notorious pirate and smuggler extraordinaire.

Outlaws one and all find refuge at Fiddler’s Green. Follow Charon’s tail to the far side of the Stygian Traverse and find a rebel’s welcome,” the recorded transmission pledged.

The transmission included a telemetry file which identified Charon as a comet heading toward a rough patch of space filled with subspace rifts. Following the comet at full impulse with the other two modules in tractor tow, the Chimaera entered the Stygian Traverse toward the Hades cluster within. Arriving within the Limbo system, they are led to the third moon of a gas giant where they find a safe haven for all outlaws. They were forced to put the two damaged sections up as collateral in exchange for a line of credit and sanctuary. Incoming pirate vessels gave word of multiple bounties on the Chimaera offered by Starfleet, the Dominion, the Consortium, and the Black Nagus. The mutinous crew of the Chimaera found themselves alone on the fringe of the galaxy with bounties on their heads from every major power at hand, criminal and legitimate alike. The Chimaera would have to return to civilized space to earn enough to buy their freedom or retire in the criminal’s paradise.


Commander Onaga Sayuri
Commanding Officer

Sayuri is a crack Security officer from the Lagash system whose skills in cyber-warfare and conventional security tactics placed her on the fast track to a Chief of Security position. Her dedication to duty made her one of the last to ever be suspected of launching a mutiny. As the daughter of a formerly wealthy merchant family, her actions have undoubtedly led to her being disowned.

Her violet-within-blue eyes make her stand out in a crowd.

Played by wizardbeard

Civilian Richard Wayne

Played by aparry

Open Positions

  1. Mercenary
  2. Gunner
  3. Navigator
  4. Medic
  5. Cooper
  6. Sapper
  7. Rigger
  8. Striker