USS Amaterasu

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Set in 2287 the Amaterasu follows the crew of one of the early Excelsior class Starships in service. Following the disastrous transwarp experiment Starfleet is desperately trying to justify the expense of production and the continued service of the other Excelsior class ships. Rushed into service just days after the Cetacean probe incident the launch of the Amaterasu was supposed to be a sign of strength for the Federation and the Excelsior Class. Instead, their first mission has ended in disaster, the Captain has been severely injured and Starfleet has acted quickly to promote his Executive Officer to Command. Newly minted Captain Miraya Chakrabarti must not only pull her ship and crew back together but solve the mystery of just what went wrong on their supposedly simple first mission.


Captain Miraya Chakrabarti
Commanding Officer

Strong-willed and somewhat serious, Miraya is every bit the Starfleet Captain. A third-generation Starfleet Officer, Miraya is dedicated and loyal to the Fleet and to the Federation. From an early age, she was steeped in the culture of not only service, sacrifice and dedication, but also exploration. Ever since she was a little girl Miraya was curious, she heard stories of her parent's adventures and couldn't wait to have her own. Always looking under rocks and climbing trees, Miraya played out her own adventures until she could have her own. Since then her drive to discover and venture into the unknown has not diminished.

Played by Kaichi

Commander Vysaranne Shard
Executive Officer/Communications Officer

Vysaranne comes off as a person wiser than her years to those unaware of her true state (which is still unknown to most), and can at times appear that she knows more than she’s saying, like she’s lived through more than she’s saying. While it is true, due to the secretive nature of symbionts, she waves it off as a story from an ancestor, a friend, or a book, when asked about it. Shard is a confident, wise leader, with a spark of mischief when it’s called for. She also expects those whom she leads to give each job they do their best, as she herself does as head of Communications. Vys would not ask a person to do something if she wasn’t willing to do it herself. This often leads to situations of near discovery of her state, though she has been lucky so far in that aspect.

Played by Kos

Open Positions

  1. Chief Navigator
  2. Chief Flight Control Officer


Let Me Guess... Tuesday?
started August 15, 2018

Having limped back to Starbase K17 Commander Miraya Chakrabarti must build up her crew. Already operating at less than a full crew compliment Miraya must work with who she has to repair the ship and investigate what happened to the ship while on their mission. Being the most senior officer left Miraya must not only weather the inquest that's to come, but also get the ship back up to spec for their official commissioning ceremonies.