USS Legacy

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Welcome to the USS Legacy! This simm takes place in the Kelvin/alternate timeline of the original series Star Trek.

The USS Legacy, a ship that was reconstructed from the remnants of ships that had been destroyed by Nero at Vulcan (now a black hole). Legacy is one of the new Constitution class starships and is set to launch on July 4, 2261. With much of the fleet having been destroyed at Vulcan and the top brass having been injured or killed by Khan, Starfleet is in dire need of recruits. Many officers are either inexperienced or are being brought out of the classroom to fill in the personnel gap. Legacy is no exception. Its Captain, Cynthia Lynette Jackson, is a mere 30 years old. Starfleet teachers are returning to the field. And there are ensigns galore, all over the ship.

This is our five year mission to seek out new life and to boldly go where no one has gone before!


Commander Cynthia Jackson

Cindy is a rather genuine person and is able to engender trust very easily. She is extremely loyal to her friends and is a good listener. She is a hard worker, persistent and not given to quitting. Cindy generally lacks any sense of caution when she's intrigued, curious or otherwise interested in something. She is the true story of "Curiosity killed the cat." She will do just about anything once. Cindy is extremely friendly and flirty; however, she does this without trying and is generally clueless that she may be enticing someone when she is just being her playful self. Cindy also tends to be extremely casual, even in situations where she should be more professional. For example, she prefers not to be called by rank, but rather by her nickname, Cindy.

Played by Amanda Rose

Lieutenant Commander Bec Hudson
Executive Officer

Bec is a character unto her own. One minute she’s snarky and grumpy, the next happy and joking around. Though she’s rarely angry and very rarely raises her voice. As a teen, she was classified as the ‘bad twin’ and the ‘troublemaker’. She followed her brothers into Starfleet, choosing Security as her career path. Graduating in the top 25th percentile of her class, Bec went on to have a fairly routine career. Though, there was one incident when an away mission went wrong. After this, Bec lost her love for fighting, though she will always stand up against anyone who tries to hurt the weak, her family, or her crew. She moved up into Command at her twin brother's behest. Bec applied to the Legacy after learning of it's unique build and was amazed to be chosen for First Officer.

Played by Rach H

Lieutenant Gente López
Chief of Engineering

Gente is a very by the book type of officer, who tends to spend a lot of time down in engineering. He has a workaholic type of personality, but is very friendly. He has a hard time talking to ladies, and can be a bit shy. He loves to work out, when he is not in the gym, and on occasion, has been known to browse the lounge area of a starship.

Played by JL Galloway

Lieutenant Jane Sinclair
Chief Medical Officer (and Veterinarian)/2XO

Jane Sinclair is a certified medical doctor and veterinarian from Vega Colony who joined Starfleet to help treat humans, aliens, and animals all around the Galaxy.

Played by Taral-DLOS

Lieutenant Junior Grade Neza Glenn
Chief Science Officer

Played by KrisK1226

Lieutenant Steffan Haas
Chief Communication Officer

Played by ClaypoleSteve

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Alec
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Played by Richard

Open Positions

  1. Assistant Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  2. Yeoman
  3. Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
  4. Chief Helm Officer
  5. Chief Navigations Officer
  6. Assistant Chief Medical Officer
  7. Transporter Chief