USS Onnar

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The Galaxy Class, USS Onnar was destroyed during her actions during the Gorn Campaign leaving her crew temporarily without a home. However, Starfleet renamed an Excalibur Class to the name USS Onnar and gave her a new registry NCC-83867. The Onnar crew that survived the destruction of their former ship was then reassigned to the new version. Finally, they were reassigned to Task Force 9 so that they could begin an exploration initiative in the Gamma Quadrant.

Under the command of Captain Neela Izal and Commander Chelsea McDanielson, the USS Onnar has departed from her former role in the Beta Quadrant in order to explore a new region of space… The Gamma Quadrant. The Galaxy Class variant of the Onnar may be gone, but in her place is a larger and more adept vessel. The newest vessel to hold the name Onnar is ready for scientific exploration, gaining knowledge, meeting new races, and experiencing the joys of discovery. The crew is slightly war torn following their time on the Gorn front, but they are just as eager as they were before!

:: Currently On the USS Onnar ::

Season 2, Episode 1 – Crescent’s Beam

The USS Onnar departs through the wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant in order to chart a new region of space. Shortly, after dropping out of warp long range sensors indicate a dense cluster nearby and so the crew decide that it is worth investigating. However, shortly after their arrival near the new cluster they hit a snag in their plans.

A large crescent shaped nebula separates the USS Onnar from the cluster that they’ve decided to name the Vuwei Cluster. Sensors are barely able to penetrate through inside of the nebula, but from what they can tell there are severe ionic storms inside of the nebula. The crew are forced to circumvent the nebula. First though, they decide to attempt to study the nebula in order to gain a better understanding.

As the ship travels along the outer edge of the nebula the crew are able to use modified probes in order to glimpse inside of the nebula. It is soon decided to dispatch a runabout in order to get a better sense of the internal workings of the nebula. However, the runabout soon runs into trouble, but when a box is discovered inside of the engine of the runabout it’s the contents that catches everyone by surprise.


Captain Neela Izal
Commanding Officer

Played by Confusedfire

Commander Chelsea McDanielson
Executive Officer

Played by Sara Boyle

Lieutenant Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

Played by TSmith

Lieutenant Jeffery Washington
Chief Tac/Sec Officer

Played by Bananabamas

Lieutenant Tolam Pizal
Chief Engineering Officer

Played by ODellT

Lieutenant S'Toriin
Chief Operations Officer

Played by GGTrekkie

Lieutenant Novra Bostru
Asst. Chief Security Officer

Played by RDavison

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sinjohl Tagorn
Asst. Chief Operations Officer

Played by Javrodriguez

Jami Bostru
Family Member

Played by Maddie