USS Astraea

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The USS Astraea NCC 92178 is a Ronin Class starship commissioned in 2378. Under the command of Captain Blake O’Reilly, Astraea was sent on a five-year exploration mission and returned home in 2383 for a scheduled a refit.

In 2384, Astraea was sent out on another five-year exploration mission but returned only one year later, after an away mission gone wrong left Captain O’Reilly unable to continue his duties. A month after her return she was sent out again, this time under the command of Captain Henry Julius, on another 5-year mission of exploration. Three years later, Astraea limped home after a run in with an unknown enemy left her in need of serious repairs.

Now, after a year of repair and an early refit, Astraea is ready to once again explore the stars. With Captain Julius now on to bigger and better things, Lieutenant Commander Arianna Warren was chosen to be her new Commanding Officer.

Astraea’s home port was reassigned to the newly recommissioned Faltan Station in order to allow her to explore the newly expanded borders of the Sovereignty of Kahless. Her mission is to gather intelligence on the SoK’s movements and the recently defected House of Mo’Kai.


Captain Ari Warren
Commanding Officer

Arianna Warren, a Human/Betazoid hybrid, was raised by adoptive parents on Earth. When she turned 18, she broke from tradition and applied for Starfleet Academy. She chose Engineering as her career of choice and excelled in her studies. Her personal life, however suffered and by the end of her first year she was seeing a Betazoid counselor regularly for help coping and tutelage on controlling her empathic abilities. There were very few blips in her remaining education years.

She served on the USS Corinthian, USS Horatio, and the USS Magellan before deciding she wanted to have a command of her own. Arianna sent in an application for a command while the Magellan headed home for a refit.

Played by Rach H

Lieutenant Liam McCarthy
Executive Officer

Liam is all business. His job and his sports mean everything to him. He frequently is found working out to vent his frustrations or to stay in shape. He has never had to seek out women, as they have always found him. While he expresses a desire to find the right woman, he never seems to manage to do it or "tests" his partner to the point that they leave.

Played by Amanda Rose

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sayori Summers
Chief Engineering Officer

Sayori is an exuberant young woman who is often happy and full of energy. When she is happy, her joy can be infectious. She’ll take most hardships in stride, usually saying she’s “hard as nails”.

When something does go too far, it can upset her greatly. Her rage has been described as scary, despite her small stature. When truly saddened, she might avoid social encounters for days at a time. Counselors have seen her and do not think she has any sort of manic-depression, but she does know she needs to pay attention to it.

She is extremely technically savvy and loves working with technology. She joined Starfleet at age 17 to become an engineer. She wears the engineer's ring with great pride.

Played by Taral-DLOS

Lieutenant Nate Donovan
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Physical Appearance
Height 6'1"
Weight 195lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color grey
Physical Description lean and athletic as opposed to muscular, Nathan is slghtly above average height. He keeps his dark hair short, He has a single tattoo, a celtic knotwork design on his left shoulder-blade.
His body language can give the impression his is overly casual - and often causes people to underestimate his abilities

Currently recently transferred to USS Astraea as Chief of Security/Tactical Officer

Played by Davegeorge

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Lieutenant Seona Caslma
Tactical Officer

Recently assigned to the USS Tornado, this little weapons specialist has a lot to prove, her size being one of her many challenges to overcome with a new crew. Especially on a ship with a history like that of the Tornado. Only time will tell if she's up for the task.

Played by Charles Mayfield

Petty Officer 3rd Class Ael Liorae
Chief Operations Officer

"Miss Liorae is someone to hold close to you, she has the experience of the Romulan Empire and knows the in's and out of it. But that makes her also a liability in some ways, she is marked by the history of the Empire, seen terrible things and done so as well. Her defection from the Empire, only made things worse for her. But somehow, she is at peace with it and she a valued member of Starfleet Operations" ~ Captain Jobor

Played by BlackWolf

Lieutenant Alyse Batari
Chief Science Officer/2XO

Played by KrisK1226

Lieutenant Marna Rhosyn
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer (NPC)

Codename: Black Lion

Marna is currently the assistant chief intelligence officer of the USS Astraea.

Played by KrisK1226

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Lieutenant Felan Aixae
Chief Counselor

Played by Confusedfire

Open Positions

  1. Chief Medical Officer
  2. Chief Intelligence Officer
  3. Chief Flight Control Officer
  4. Assistant Chief Medical Officer
  5. Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
  6. Assistant Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  7. Assistant Chief Operations Officer
  8. Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
  9. Assistant Chief Science Officer