USS Thurgood Marshall

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Captain Alvin Mitchell
Commanding Officer

Alvin Mitchell is the Commanding Officer of the USS Thurgood Marshall, a revolutionary ship designed to pursue and apprehend criminals of Starfleet and the Federation. With a long history in investigation, Alvin was an easy choice for the CO of the ship, and is tasked with keeping his crew at their best so as to fulfill their mandate.

Played by selocon

Commander Declan Reilly
Executive Officer

Declan is often described as the biggest flirt a person had ever met. He prefers it that way. Behind his disarming smile and cocky swagger is an analytical mind at work, always assessing the people around him. And in return, he usually responds in an unexpected way. It's what makes him a skilled investigator. However, his charm is usually what gets him into trouble, as well. A risk worth taking, in Declan's mind. He still retains a hint of his native Irish accent, adding to his self-confident image.

Played by theeflamehead

Lieutenant Charlie Dupont
Chief Medical Officer and Medical Examiner

The Affable, Easy going Charlie Dumont serves as both CMO And ME for the Marshall as it seeks to bring justice to a wayward and lawless galaxy. Adaptable, unshockable, and a steady hand in any crisis, he's a good man to have on your side. In addition to top notch medical care, he provides his unbeatable talent in plying his grisly trade as a medical examiner, reading the tales of dead men written in flesh, blood, and bone. A lover of life's simple joys, and a man who knows the value of peace, he is dedicated to stopping any who would take that away from his fellow citizens. Criminals of the Federation beware.

Played by Hackhand

Lieutenant Kerri Deix
Chief Engineering Officer

Played by Confusedfire