USS Kitsune

Packed to the Brim with purchased, borrowed, captured, or outright stolen Technologies The Kitsune Is a powerhouse in her own right, boasting an unlimited Range do to the Forced Singularity Core that pulses at her Core, and an array of turreted Heavy pulse turrets.

Other Experimental systems the Kitsune Boasts are Rotating Quantum Phase Shields, A Handful of Prototype Multi target Photon MIRVS, And integrated Quantum Variance Sensor array, and of course, cupholders.

While her Experimantal core Is Technically slower then other Star Ships of her class, the Kitsune can and will out pace all of her contemporaries do to her Drastically increased operational Range


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Commander Mikey Clearwater
Commanding Officer

Micheal "Mikey" ClearWater is A short, Lightly built, Mixed Race Human male, Born and Raised on Mars. He has Light brown hair, stained with years of exposure to the Red martian dust, and what ever products he uses to keep it that color, a proud Martian through and through. While off duty Mikey has a Very jovial, almost boyish attitude. On Duty How ever he's Cold, calculating and Determined, a stark contrast for anyone who isn't Especially Familiar with him.

His talents Aren't naturally gifted, rather more the product of near insane levels of dedication towards a goal.

Played by Nevadamckay

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer
  2. Second Officer
  3. Flight Control
  4. Operations
  5. Communications
  6. Security / Tactical
  7. Engineering
  8. Medical
  9. Science