USS Victorious

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From the dawn of Bravo Fleet one of its storied ships was the USS Victorious. From its battles with Section 31, to its many diplomatic missions, to its final days as the Garrison ship for Deep Space 6 it is a mainstay in the fleet.

Something strange is happening in the Inconnu Expanse. Deep Space Seven has been destroyed, our ships are encountering resistance, and our colonies are being terrorized. Most importantly, we don’t know why.

Eager for answers, we have called on the USS Victorious-A, a Starfleet Intelligence asset, to seek out what is really happening in the Expanse. Led by Captain Aaris Parry, the Victorious will be thrust deep into the Expanse, hopefully to one day return alive.


Captain Aaris Parry
Commanding Officer

Aaris is currently assigned as the Captain of the USS Victorious-A this is her first command and is a decorated SFI Operative.

Played by aparry

Lieutenant Jacob Chandler
Executive Officer

General Overview
Jacob is a largely quiet man, preferring solitude and silence to hustle and bustle. Having grown up on Earth among Humans, he spent his adolescence learning about his genetic people and striving to be a prime example of the formidable Catian deft and intellect.

Strengths & Weaknesses
With a preternatural sense of location and place, Chandler is skilled at sensing danger, and has an inexplicably astute and finely honed ability to reason out courses of vessels pursued, and has a natural, constant knowledge of where he is --his temper, however, is fearsome.

Played by davidjosephmoody

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer